Frost-Trol S.A.

Frost-trol completes its move to the new production plant located in Cabanes

Frost-trol has completed the process of moving to the new Cabanes production plant, with a 4.0 view in the company's innovation and improvement line.

The Frost-trol Cabanes factory has a 90.000 m2 area and the production is pointed to the 4.0 environment, with an intelligent intralogistic system where more than 1000 daily references are managed.

Industry 4.0

Frost-trol takes a step further in productive evolution and converts all its production systems into digitized and connected processes in order to collect data at all levels of the process to analyze them and perform actions in real-time getting more efficient operations.

Production becomes a process of optimizing the product cycle, generating more integrity, more sustainable actions and respect for the environment.


Lean Thinking

The new Frost-trol manufacturing methodology responds to the Lean philosophy, which seeks to eliminate spending on all aspects of the company, production activities, customer relations, suppliers, technology, material management or inventories, with the improve quality, reduce cost and optimize production time.

The total customer focus is one of the company values, the customer being the center of the objectives. That is why the philosophy of Lean Manufacturing is always looking for excellence and permanent efficiency, with innovation and continuous improvement, anticipating possible failures and always figuring out what else we can give our customers for their satisfaction.


Constantly improving is one of Frost-trol's main goals, because the aspiration is to manufacture better products, to offer a better service and to work on continuous innovation.

The growth system, based on research and development, results in a strong investment in the latest technological developments, based on customer needs to make these improvements effective and keep offering a personalized, high-quality service.

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