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Madrid (Spain), February 2020.
The company, founded in Málaga in 2006, presents its technology for the retail sector. The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® Ltd. is at EuroShop, Düsseldorf (February 16-20), at Stand D25 of Hall 3 of the world's largest international retail trade fair with the largest range of the most innovative, high-quality products and services. 

In parallel, in collaboration with its international partner HMY Group, worldwide leader in global services and innovation for retail, the company will be able to build the olfactory sensory architecture of the Fashion Concept that HMY presents in Hall 13 Stand 47, with 1000 square meters full of technological solutions, ideas, concepts and gained experience since 1960.

The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® presents in its Stand D25 of Hall 3 a unique sensory experience with immersive travel through its virtual reality. In the centre of the stand, you will find the AromaNebulizer Stream (ANS) device and discover the eco-friendly olfactory scenting for the first time in this fair. As an added and differential value, the device designed and manufactured to meet the demand and conversion requirement of the retail sector (whose technological and technical features are attached) spreads the eco-friendly scent contained in its fragrance cartridge in particles smaller than one micron, reaching coverage of up to 300 square meters per device (standard parameters).

Marketing Olfativo® Ltd. remains, since its establishment, faithful to its ethical code, and exceeds the limited existing legal regulation by applying three more parameters of self-control: 1) Its fragrances are 100% harmless to human and animal breathing. 2) It prohibits, for the formulation and manufacture of its own aromas, the use of potentially carcinogenic, contraceptive, or doubtful components for living beings that are within the range of the olfactory scenting. 3) And as an added value, the 850ml fragrance bottle that the ANS uses is 100% recyclable and reusable, prepared for the new European plastic packaging regulation. 

The ANS device is able, thanks to its integrated IoT (Internet of Things) technology, to communicate with other machines in order to adapt the nebulization to the volume of customers that are, at any time, within the store. This means complete autonomy and great cost savings for our client. The entire technological set of the AromaNebulizer Stream does not exceed the size of an AZ type folder and weighs less than one and a half kilograms. And for its installation and commissioning, it carries a self-installation kit with only two screws to be fixed vertically and a cable with universal plug to power its only 12V consumption, thanks to its built-in transformer capable of working the range between 125V and 250V. Electric and energy-efficient, with recyclable materials and guaranteed eco-friendly nebulization, the ANS is the “Tesla” of the olfactory scenting machines for retail.


Click here to see our stand details at EuroShop: https://bit.ly/2SErYma 


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The company, and all professionals involved in and with it, appreciate the publication and dissemination of this note in their prestigious media. The Aroma Trace® by Marketing Olfativo® is a protected trademark in 90 countries and prepared to provide a new dimension and discipline in the olfactory aromatization segment.

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