Hangzhou Century Co., Ltd.

Century Enhanced the Whole ESL Solution

Century ESL solution is an affordable, easy-to-install, electric label that provides accurate, real-time, consistent price information. Century enhanced the whole ESL solution, including labels, software, handheld, base station and the accessories.
Century ESL labels: Century iShelf™ and Century iShelf™ plus series. Century iShelf™series are upgraded series can secure higher price management efficiency. Century iShelf™ plus meets the requirement for dynamics with the red-yellow-green flash lights.
Century Base Station DB316-C/DB316-C-P is for exchanging data between ESL server and labels both receiving and transmitting wirelessly.
Century Handheld Terminal HT305 is a smart industrial handheld terminal of high performance which is applied for operating and maintaining the ESL system.
Century ESL Software is developed by Century using Browser Server(B/S) architecture and web access. It supports multi-stores management.
Century provides a wide range of accessories to match different installation requirements. Choosing different options to fit for different applications and projects.
Getting interested in Century’s new antennas, feel free to contact us at info@century-cn.com for details.

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