Prestige Display Limited

5 Steps to Realise Visual Merchandising Concepts

To deliver your visual merchandising concepts, Prestige Display monitors every production step with quality inspection and provides the best timeline to meet your needs. We implement window and in-store props worldwide and ensure an excellent customer experience during the whole cooperation. Our cooperation process is as follows:

1. Technical Drawing: It is essential to communicate the ideas clearly before the project gets started. To ensure we meet your visions, our team will provide TD for your approval.

2. Prototyping: We take all variables such as material, budget, timing and packaging into consideration during prototype development to meet your needs. 

3. Production: We realise the visual merchandising concepts with quality control on every production step based on ISO9001 and excellent time management under our factory qualified with Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit and ISO 14001.

4. Packaging: All the products are packed based on quality standards (ISTA) with drop test and vibration test. To deliver the visual merchandising globally, we also respect all labelling, shipping and packaging regulations of any destination. 

5. Global Roll-Out: We provide full logistics and installation solutions that guarantee safe delivery of your goods from our factory to your warehouses or directly to your stores to reduce defects.

During the entire process, our project managers will follow up and update the status to our clients regularly. The transparent communication between Prestige Display and our clients builds up trust.

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