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155.9 million data points from over 1,000 retailers globally reveals happiest and unhappiest retail seasons

Easter is the unhappiest major retail event of the year, while shoppers love Halloween shopping, according to data from the world’s leading customer feedback solution, HappyOrNot (www.happy-or-not.com).

The Finnish technology company, which works with retailers such as Shoe Station, Elkjop, JACK & JONES, and Amazon, analyzed over 155.9 million feedbacks (i.e. presses of its red-to-green smiley face terminals, most recognisably found in airports), in order to reveal happiness levels of retail shoppers and workers during the most intense seasons in the retail calendar.

Analyzing 2019 data for the ten largest consumer spending events according to the NRF (National Retail Federation), HappyOrNot can reveal the following: 

US customer happiness levels for the biggest ten consumer spending events:

Back to College: 86.8%
Winter Holidays (Black Friday & Christmas): 85.4%
Back to School: 86.8%
Mother's Day: 78.1%
Easter: 77.6%
Valentine's Day: 88.4%
Father's Day: 78.5%
Graduation: 78.8%
Halloween: 88.6%
Super Bowl: 78.2%

Globally, across the entire year in retail:

Customers average satisfaction is 87.6%.
Employee average satisfaction is 76.7%.
Customers are happiest at 8am and unhappiest at 6pm.
Customers are happiest on Thursdays and unhappiest on Sundays.
Customers are happiest in October and unhappiest in January.
Employees are happiest at 9am and unhappiest at 7pm.
Employees are happiest on Tuesdays and unhappiest on Sundays.
Employees are happiest in October and unhappiest in March. 

Heikki Väänänen, CEO and Founder of HappyOrNot, comments: “McKinsey research estimates that brands which improve their customer experience can increase revenue by 15% and lower costs by 20%. Retailers can no longer keep their heads in the sand; they have to listen to their customers needs and adapt to fulfill them. By installing our technology and collecting sophisticated feedback data, a retailer can expect to see customer dissatisfaction decrease by 20% within the first year.” 

About HappyOrNot

HappyOrNot helps businesses improve their customer experience and employee engagement through the globally recognized Smiley feedback management system. The company, founded in 2009, has nearly 4,000 clients in 135 countries and has collected over 1.3 billion impressions to date. 

Clients include McDonald’s, Elkjop, Amazon, JACK & JONES, London Heathrow Airport, as well as many Fortune 500 businesses in the transportation, retail, healthcare, entertainment/venue, and service industries. Headquartered in Finland, HappyOrNot has offices in the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Netherlands, and around the globe, employing over 150 people. Its reseller network comprises of over 110 organizations.

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