Valk Solutions BV

Valk Solutions, the expert in Omni-Channel

Valk Solutions is a highly innovative software solution provider with the focus on non food retail.

We are specialist in retail IT solutions since 1989, so already for more than  27 years we''re a reliable partner for Retail. Our mission is to improve the profitability of retailers through innovative IT solutions.

Our core values are; reliable, committed, professional and innovative. Highly satisfied customers are our highest goal! That’s are main focus! Almost 65 professionals are working with much dedication and passion in order to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction. New employees at Valk run internship in shops to learn the specific business requirements on the shop floor.

The software is developed and maintained in house. Periodically, at least once a year a new version of all our software solutions will be made available for all of our customers. In user groups retailers can have influence on our future developments. In close cooperation with our customers we develop the software.

ASPOS is our 100% online Omni-Channel solution that addresses the needs of Retailers giving an enhanced shopping experience to their customers.

We are proud to inform you that we are the sole supplier of a 100 % online full complete Omni-Channel Store solution!

ASPOS connect all retail channels, like e-commerce, in-store, catalogues and kiosks, bringing greater consistency and flexibility. ASPOS is a platform with only one central database. All transactions are 100% on-line and realtime processed in the central database.

All disciplines that are needed to develop, implement and support our retail solutions are embedded within the Valk Solutions organization.

The mission of Valk Solutions is to develop innovative retail solutions that will contribute to the business of a retailer. Retail solutions with a fast return on investment. Retail is our passion. This dynamic market offers many challenges and is in constant motion. We respect the skills and the entrepreneurship of retailers. We are aware that special requirements are needed to make the difference in the Retail marketplace. As a software solution provider, we specialize exclusively in retail. Retail is not only a division or subsidiary within our organization, retail is our main goal. We deeply believe in specialization. Especially in retail, automation has high added value. We have a retail heart and breathe passion for our profession. We want to take care of technical challenges in times that retail is changing rapidly and integration of multi channels becomes a must to meet the needs of the consumer.

For more information about our company and/or our Omni-Channel Retail Solution ASPOS, please visit our website at www.valksolutions.nl