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Miniature OCR/MRZ reader delivers enhanced features for industrial smart phones

Miniature OCR/MRZ reader delivers enhanced features for industrial smart phones
Leading manufacturer of industrial Android and Windows smart phones, Gen2wave selected the Access-IS OCR310e to add OCR/MRZ reading to their class leading RP1600 rugged smart phone.

Focussed on mobile enterprise technology designed for use from front-line staff and senior management alike, Gen2wave sought out Access-IS as the experts in OCR/MRZ reading technology to develop the functionality for their flagship product.

The industrial RP1600 with optional EID10 reader is the first octa-core rugged Android Smartphone offering the complete package for industrial users. Equipped with a 13MP camera, rated to IP64 and protected against drops of up to 1.5 metres, this unit is the risk free choice for the super user. The compact 4.3” display is available as a capacitive or resistive touch screen for outdoor users working under severe conditions. It boasts extensive data capture options including 1D Laser, 2D Imager, NFC, optional RFID, contact smart card reader, finger print recognition, OCR/MRZ reader, and a snap on MSR as well as a full range of accessories.

The OCR310e OCR/MRZ reader used in the RP1600, has been specifically designed for OEM manufacturers and is easily integrated into mobile and portable devices. Its technology is well proven and in daily use with tens of thousands of installations worldwide. It reads data from the Machine Readable Zone (MRZ) of identity documents including passports, driver's licences & ID cards, and transfers that information instantaneously to electronic systems.

Applications include handheld identity & travel document verification, queue-busting & roaming passenger/customer services, and mobile checking of identity by police forces.

Talking about the integration of the OCR310e, Chanho Lee, CEO at Gen2wave (www.gen2wave) said, “We wanted an extremely fast and reliable reader for our device but it also had to be small. The OCR310e met the bill in every way and also delivered very low-power consumption, making it an ideal choice for use in battery operated devices such as the RP1600”.


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GEN2WAVE is a Korean manufacturer of rugged and professional mobile devices. GEN2WAVE offers extensive portfolio of industrial smartphone and rugged tablet, along with comprehensive automatic identification technologies : OCR(passport) / NFC / MSR / Fingerprint Recognition / 1D,2D barcode / smart card reader. Moreover GEN2WAVE’s enterprise-grade S/W provides to customers enhanced device security and cost-effective methodology of device installation and remote control.
With extensive distribution and service network, GEN2WAVE has delivered complete enterprise mobility solutions over 30 countries world-wide, especially global companies, government and military service. GEN2WAVE is ISO9001/ISO14001 accredited for High-quality products management.
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