Innovative new space planning application lets retailers’ planogram anything

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Galleria’s Customer Centric Merchandising (CCM) solution raises the bar to further enhance optimized aesthetic layouts that maximize assortment.


The eagerly anticipated application from Galleria will see retailers equipped with the ability to planogram any fixture type for the first time in the history of space planning. Built on Galleria’s long established merchandising experience, the solution is born from experience to eliminate the obstacles faced by retailers around the world, providing the capability to plan, automate and optimize for all fixture types within one application.

Combined with the right insights from behavioral clustering and demand signal analytics, Galleria’s next generation merchandising solution arms retailers with the unique capability to optimize assortment and micro space for a truly customer centric approach.

As retailers continue to battle the ever shifting demands of cross channel sales, the space in store continues to shrink in size and yet grow in importance. With space at a premium it is imperative that the modern retailer maximize what they have available to them and transfer their focus to the areas that lie beyond center store, to optimize all forms of space and fixture type, regardless of individual store configurations. The functionality required to deliver this level of optimization has not previously been available to retailers, often resulting in labor-intensive, substandard plans being sent to store that are rarely implemented.

Product proliferation drives the need to better understand the impact of introducing or removing products and groups of products from the assortment and how that may look on the shelf. The combinational use of assortment planning which accounts for demand transfer intertwined with a customer centric merchandising system will ensure retailers are best placed to meet and exceed the expectations of their shoppers over and above the competition.

“The time has come where retailers need no longer make a choice between optimization and aesthetic presentation” states Steve Boon, Vice President of Sales, “Galleria’s next generation Customer Centric Merchandising (CCM) solution raises the bar to further enhance optimized aesthetic layouts that maximize assortment whilst delivering the very best bottom line performance”

This ground breaking innovation from Galleria will see the capability to plan, automate and optimize through one application without the need for specialized fixture engines; providing the ability to balance inventory, assortment and aesthetics for even the most creative of custom fixtures in one simple solution.

“The face of retail is changing and Galleria are responsible for what the future of our stores look like” comments Vice President of Business Development, Kent Smith “The ability to planogram for any custom fixture or bespoke fitting will prove invaluable to a host of verticals, from grocery to electronics and fashion retailers, the possibilities are endless.”

This, the next stage in Galleria’s 25 year merchandizing evolution, includes a plethora of client driven enhancements in addition to the revolutionary flexible optimization feature; from workflow and productivity management while maintaining presentation inspired by consumer behavior that remains in line with company strategy. With the flexibility to do manual planograms, improve efficiency and productivity with planogram automation, realize true customer centricity with fully optimized store specific planograms, the solution fulfills all possible preconditions that could be perceived by either retailer, or indeed the supplier.

For too long the practicalities of planograms have been restricted to peg boards and shelves, this application will deplete the dependency on these fixtures as the industry moves towards more custom fixture requirements.

Galleria’s next generation of Customer Centric Merchandising (CCM) will provide the capability for creative planning, inclusive of tables, freezer chests, floating shelves and rotating racks. With every stage in the process accounted for, the solution provides an end to end, single source for planogram perfection – putting the power in the hands of the merchandising team to plan, automate and optimize thousands of store specific plans in an instant.

For more information visit Galleria, booth 1338 at NRF’s Big Show – January 11 – 13, 2015.

Source: Galleria RTS