Civilight GmbH

Congratulations - Civilight Eye-care A60 Bulb won Innovation Award 2015

We were told the test result was excellent of our Eye-care A60 bulb, which is really a good news to us, and it's a great time for indoor lighting LED industry.

Civilight Eye-care A60 has it's advanced eye protect function, high CRI (up to 98), no flicker, and no blue light hazard risk. For more test report, please go to http://www.olino.org/us/private/20892/2d4df6399eb4d87271883e71ccdbec0e

There is no doubt that this bulb brings a better future to children's health - harmless to their eyes when growing.

To "creat" this wonderful LED lighting bulb, Civilight Shenzhen Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd invested a mount of money and it's R&D engineer brought their wisdom into full play in this great project. Finally, they succeed, the Award is the return.