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A hot topic at EuroShop 2014: Pfleiderer presents structural fire protection

Not only is it obvious that Pfleiderer's fire protection products can reduce the fire load in the event of a fire – they also look good.

At EuroShop Pfleiderer clears up a widespread mistaken view: From 16 to 20 February, the wood-based panel manufacturer will be presenting a wide range of flame-resistant and non-flammable panels, which can be given any finish you want, and this is possible without having to lower any standards – either in fire safety or in design.

"Until quite recently it was still assumed that there is very little design freedom in areas that require structural fire protection", says Claus Seemann, who is responsible for core materials product management at Pfleiderer "Therefore, the virtually unlimited diversity available due to the combination of cores, decors and textures is a revelation for architects, designers and interior decorators who like to work with wood-based panels."

The right fire protection board for every need

The fire protection properties of these products are no longer obvious, says Seemann: "This opens up completely new options, for example, in decorative interior fittings, for furniture and fixtures or ceiling and wall coverings. These are areas in which flame-resistant panels such as "DecoBoard Pyroex Span" or "DecoBoard MDF Pyroex" or the corresponding particleboard "PremiumBoard Pyroex" are especially suitable. For heavy-use areas such as shops with high customer frequency Seemann recommends the self-supporting compact laminate "Duropal-HPL Compact Pyroex": "Especially as this product is not only flame-resistant but is also moisture-resistant."

The fire safety requirements for special structures and public buildings are also especially high, explains Seemann: "For high-rise buildings, hotels or shopping centres, for example, we also offer customised system solutions." Here it is primarily non-flammable materials such as "Duropal flameprotect compact" or "Duropal flat-bonded element Vermiculite Pyroex" that play a central role, as they can reduce the fire load significantly.

After all, Pfleiderer fire protection boards contain highly effective flame retardants, which reduce the burn-through rate of the boards. This in turn increases the fire resistance and therefore the chance that the fire can be detected in good time and extinguished.

180 decors and ten surface textures are available in the DST system

"The good thing about this," Seemann reminds us, "is that there are no limits to creativity – even if the fire-retardant property requirements are made more stringent." Pfleiderer's unique DST system makes this possible. Here the customer can freely combine 180 decors, ten surface textures and 16 core materials – including a variety of fire protection products.