APG Cash Drawer, LLC

Golf tournament patrons experience streamlined checkout

With POS solutions provided by APG and iPad POS Rental Company

APG/Cash Bases participated for the 2nd time in the PGA’s 2016 Memorial Tournament. The innovative hospitality solution on display included APG’s all-white Vasario cash drawers and rented iPads which provided service for thousands of golf fans and professionals at the tournament. The prestigious event, hosted by golfing legend Jack Nicklaus, took place at the Muirfield Village Golf Club in Dublin, Ohio May 30th through June 5th, 2016.

Concessions at the Memorial Tournament were equipped with APG Vasario cash drawers and iPads through Flying Connected, a New York based iPad rental company that caters to companies hosting conferences, tradeshows, and corporate meetings. Concessions ran smoothly throughout the tournament with thousands of people attending per PGA Cash Drawerday. Attendees lining up in queue moved through quickly as the POS solution simplified the checkout process for spectators from across the globe.

“This is our second year teaming up with the PGA Memorial Tournament,” stated Stephen Bergeron, V.P. of Global Marketing at APG Cash Drawer. “As we saw at this event in 2014, cash continues to be a preferred form of tender within the golfing community. The simplicity of APG’s USB drawers allows companies like the PGA to enjoy a new flexibility not normally associated with traditional POS terminals. “

“Cash drawer at PGA tournamentWitnessing the ways in which our clients are utilizing our products and services to increase their efficiency and reach, has been thrilling” stated Schneur Landa, Co-Founder & CFO of Flying Connected. “We’re seeing a trend within hospitality as consumer expectations change. Business owners are moving toward mobile or thin POS solutions that appeal widely to the consumers of today. Flying Connected’s rental services are aimed at enhancing corporate events without breaking the bank. With daily and weekly hardware rental rates that keep event production costs low, our products and services help accelerate the payment process and check-in experience at events across the country. The impact our services are having is something we’re really proud of,” says Landa.
“All-white solutions are clean and modern and stylistically match specialty environments such as PGA tour events,” stated Bergeron. “The POS solutions at this event were innovative and helped create a seamless check-out experience regardless of the location, Souvenir Tent, Pro Shop or Club House.”

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