IFES stands for the International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services. It is the international federation of national associations and individual companies active in the design, conception, production and services used at exhibitions, tradeshows and events.

IFES provides a platform of global collaboration achieved through networking and sharing knowledge.

Founded in 1984 – on the initiative of national associations in Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, UK and US – IFES celebrated its 38th birthday in 2022. The Association is registered in Brussels according to Belgian law.

The “global collaboration network” is how we have chosen to explain what IFES is in three words. But to understand what IFES is, you have to go deeper into detail. IFES represents approx. 250ompanies from around the globe. Each of these companies has signed the IFES Code of Conduct – a constitution which rules the collaboration within the whole network. So, if an IFES partner serves the customer of another member, both the customer and member know that they will be treated in a professional manner from a company upholding the highest of quality standards. This is a value-added member benefit that is hard to put a price on.

To enhance the number of partnerships within the IFES family, the association offers several opportunities to” get to know one another. “The most prominent is the IFES World Summit, which takes place annually in June.  Since the exhibitions industry has started its post-pandemic recovery our WS themes have reflected the positivity with which IFES is seizing the opportunity to grow and develop. Named “Winds of Change“ the last Summit took place June 2022 in Amsterdam, while “Expanding Horizons” is the theme for the 2023 Summit in Singapore which is scheduled for 20-24th June, 2023.

The “big Second” is the IFES Global Village at EuroShop which premiered in Düsseldorf  in 2017, had a second successful iteration in 2020, and has also  continued at ExhibitorLive in Las Vegas since then. We are excited to revisit this format in Düsseldorf again in 2023.

”Support and be supported“ as well as “sharing knowledge” – these are the general ideas of the federation.










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