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The incorporation of new technologies in the furniture manufacturing processes enables more efficient production and increases the quality of the finishes. With these goals in mind at Equilan we have made a significant investment to digitalise our production process.

Digital technology

The transformation of the workshop has been carried out with Elkor, specialists in technology for wood and aluminium. Specifically, we have incorporated a GRUNDNDER smart warehouse, with which we have achieved more efficient storage space management, and NESTING HOLZ-HER DYNESTIC 7507 LIFT CNC machine, with which we have gained efficiency in both the use of boards and in productivity, integrating the cutting and machining of parts. Likewise, the new HOLZ-HER SPRINT 1329 PREMIUM edgebander with return plus the GANNOMAT drill dowel inserter enable us to guarantee a clean, accurate finish necessary to face new challenges.

Transformation of the production process

We have recently launched our new KANA brand, combining customised furniture and assembly line production. The creation of this new brand has made necessary a transformation of our production process in order to add its manufacture to that of custom projects. This adaptation has meant a significant investment in new digital technologies.

These new technological solutions added to our workshop are focused on interconnectivity and the automation of our production process. The objective is to increasingly expand our capacity and quality in order to reach new markets with a skilled and involved team.

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