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Viziotix launches transformative computer vision technology for barcode scanning at EuroShop 2023.

Toulouse, France: At EuroShop 2023, Viziotix will demonstrate transformative computer vision technology to scan barcodes with any camera device. New computer vision techniques have been developed to locate barcodes in images and decode them, whatever the image or barcode quality. This process is almost instant for scanning single barcodes or even hundreds of barcodes in one frame.

Viziotix is a startup in computer vision with the aim of extracting enterprise data from images. Software components, such as barcode scanning, are being released as SDKs to enable retail scanning applications on smartphones, drones and robots for intensive applications.

“We are taking barcode scanning to the next level with computer vision,” says Cedric Mollon, cofounder and CEO at Viziotix. “Our software enables ultra-rapid inventory checks by sweeping past barcodes, or by using drones or robots to scan whole shelves with high-resolution cameras. Our location algorithm, Smart-Findr, finds every barcode in images and allows robots and gate portals to scan shelves, baskets, cases and pallets in milliseconds. Additional algorithms overcome the challenges of distance, lighting and movement blur to make this possible.”

The benefits of this new technology include:
  • Reduced inventory and picking costs through faster scanning
  • Further automation in retail as automation solution companies use Viziotix in robotics, drones, stationary cameras and mobile devices to automate labor intensive processes
  • Higher scan success rates to reduce manual re-work processes due to no-decodes or missed barcodes
  • Easier scanning to improve store associate and customer experiences with apps (including self-scanning)
Viziotix will demonstrate this new barcode scanning technology at EuroShop 2023, Hall 5 D19-14, and has released the free Viziotix “BarcodeScan demo app” on app stores to allow easy testing of the technology. The SDKs are also available on a free 30-day trial at

About Viziotix SAS: Viziotix, a French start-up, is developing computer vision software to acquire data from images that will allow companies to build solutions that automate and improve the efficiency of their operations. The Viziotix Barcode Scanner SDK provides efficient and robust barcode scanning on images acquired from any camera for enterprise applications, including fixed cameras, robots and drones.

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