Tablet Stand holder for E-POS

The tablet is a device increasingly used in the retail sector, as it is a very versatile and easy to use tool. In particular, we see it used as a cash register in the cloud, with extensive integration possibilities with software and CRM to optimize the sales process. Correct installation and the right tablet support are essential to ensure practical and comfortable use.

Installing the tablet on an ergonomic stand: the advantages
  • The cash point requires an effective organization of all elements useful for payment transactions, so that the process is streamlined and efficient. Even if it is the last step of the purchasing process, in fact, a negative cash experience could leave an unpleasant memory in the customer’s mind.
  • The tablet is a technological tool that helps to solve numerous critical issues, starting from the speed of execution, as well as the possibility of directly accessing other information requested by the customer, such as for example to check warehouse stocks, or to propose additional products, according to an upselling logic.
The tablet support proposed by SN System, for example, allows ergonomic use to adjust the inclination or height of the device. Some models allow a 360 ° rotation to allow the customer to view the screen, or to perform operations in self mode. In addition, our tablet stands are designed for orderly cable management to ensure continuous charging and come complete with secure locking systems to prevent tampering or theft.

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