Best Mannequins BV

Surprise... We have 2 booths!

Best Mannequins is one of the fastest growing partners in the VM tools industry. Thanks to the increasing number of customers and revenue in the recent years, we decided 1 stand at the Euroshop tradefair was no longer enough to give a clear view of our product range and capabilities.

Our main booth (HALL 12 _ BOOTH E36) focusses on mannequins for high fashion to workwear and touches hot topics such as innovative finishes and sustainable production materials. While the other stand (HALL 12_E20) is specifically aiming at sportswear combined with sustainability. This allows us to create a customized experience for both categories.

About us:
Best Mannequins is a Belgian family business striving to design and manufacture affordable visual merchandising products for the global fashion and retail industry. With a clear focus on innovation and quality, we continue to expand our expertise to meet customer needs and expectations.

We deliver a variety of products such as mannequins, hangers and display accessories. This allows clients to purchase their full store interior from one supplier, which makes prices more beneficial. Next to pricing, fast delivery is one of our strengths. Thanks to our enormous standard stock, which consists of 1 200 000 hangers and 40 000 mannequins, we are able to deliver very quickly.

Our team is very excited to welcome you at our stands! We advise you to make a reservation, this is of course not mandatory.

See you at our main booth (HALL 12 _ BOOTH E36) or at our sports booth (HALL 12_E20)!

Team Best Mannequins

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