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Shoplight to Launch a Carbon Emission Busting Bioplastic Spotlight at Euroshop

NORT, our innovative bioplastic spotlight solution will be launching at Euroshop 2023. Our new Patent Pending VenTEC Airflow Technology cracks the code of heat being trapped inside plastic and will be unveiled on the 26th of February.

Our journey towards to carbon zero starts with NORT, a product with zero waste, monumental reductions in carbon emissions and miles and with a final destination of re-use, recycle or composting.

If you are a retailer who wants to do less damage to the planet, meet your sustainability pledges and drive down the cost of your energy then we can help.

Get in touch to book in some time to speak to us. Contact Sara on, call +44 (0) 7902 320963 or come to Hall 9, Stand E52 to see the future of retail spotlighting...

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