Paneles Decorativos Panel Piedra S. L.

PanelPiedra® leader in modular 3D wall decoration

PanelPiedra® is leader in modular wall decoration systems in 3D since 1974.
In our high-tech factories in Spain in La Rioja and Navarra, we develop and manufacture our collections with an enthusiastic team of specialists who aim every day to provide products for you, as a creative professional, to design stunning spaces with bespoke designs in a wide range of models for every project. Our products can add that little extra to make your work distinctive and give it a unique look.

Through continuous technological research and product innovation, we are able to develop products that are unique and distinctive for the decoration and design world. PanelPiedra® is the best aesthetic solution to design and implement the latest trends in interior design through great combinations in design, color and materials. Thanks to our patented material compositions and production systems, we can make very realistic reproductions of the most diverse designs and colors such as natural stone, wood, rocks, brick, design motifs and wood.

The very simple and fast assembly, durability, realistic appearance and high quality of the materials used, have made PanelPiedra® the favorite product of many professionals in the interior and design world for many years. By reacting adequately and working pragmatically, we can respond quickly to the latest trends in design and fashion. As we have all the technology and know-how from idea to serial production in-house, we are able to realize any idea and any design.
In addition to our standard collections, with hundreds of decors, we have been partners for many years with many companies with whom we work to make personalized products for POS expressions or branding in retail chains, restaurants, hotels and many more.

  • Modular system, adaptable to any surface and any size
  • Incredibly realistic reproductions and unique textures
  • Lightweight, handy and easy to handle
  • Quick and clean installation, perfect and seamless finish
  • Sophisticated material combinations
  • Resistant top layer of approximately 4mm mainly made of recycled stone composite
  • Completely reusable and reinstallable
  • Durable, resistant, low-maintenance and resistant
  • Closed surface, which makes it non-porous, waterproof and moisture-resistant
  • Thermal and sound insulating
  • Standard in Fire class BS1D0

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