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New in our range: Cardboard cutter carbon blade with slide-lock and carbon snap-off blade

In addition to the conventional cardboard cutter, we now offer a new product in our shop: the cardboard cutter with carbon blade and the corresponding replacement blades.

Facilitate to cut textiles, paper or cardboard with the razor-sharp carbon blades. Compared to aluminium blades, the new carbon cutting blades are more long-lasting and stable. This makes it easier to cut various materials to millimetre precision with little effort.

The carbon replacement blades for breaking off with 18mm width come in a set of 10 pieces. From an order quantity of 5 pieces, you benefit from a quantity discount. The production of carbon makes the snap-off blade (also called segment blade) extremely light and particularly resilient.

Fun fact:

Did you know where the term carbon comes from? The expression carbon is often understood to mean the material, but in fact it´s only one component of this substance. The correct term would be carbon fibre-reinforced polymers, i.e., a material mix of carbon fibres in a plastic matrix.

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