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Johannes Fog: More time for advice and customer servcie

In early 2018, the Danish DIY chain Fog installed electronic shelf labels as a pilot project in the first timber and construction center on Zealand. Now, a year has passed and there the result is more time for advice and customer service. Another benefit is the confidence that the customers now have that prices are correct. Based on the good experience, Fog will implement electronic shelf labels in the remaining stores.

At Johannes Fog you find everything for the house and the garden. Customers are greeted by staff who are ready with qualified and professional advice - something the staff now have better opportunities for after the implementation of electronic shelf labels. Previously, there was a lot of work for the staff up until new campaigns. Now, everything is instead running completely automatically and is much more efficient, explains Jimmy Thesbo, business manager at Fog in Farum and adds:

- Initially, it was about getting it established with the processes. Now a year has passed and the first thing I think is that trust has been created between the customers and the prices. The uncertainty about price errors is completely gone. What they see on the shelf is also what they see in at the check-out - it gives us great peace every day.

At Fog the staff work with a "strategy 2020" concept with both an improved customer experience and efficiency improvements on the agenda, so the business can be 100% fit. The implementation of electronic shelf labels is a natural part of this strategy, says CFO at Fog, Mads Hvelplund, and elaborates:

- In relation to the customers, it ensures that we always have the correct price at the shelf and that we have an easily readable shelf label. On the efficiency front, this means that the staff do not have to spend resources on changing the paper shelf labels, but instead can spend their time servicing our customers. Finally, electronic shelf labels allow us to quickly adjust prices if the market conditions change.

Fog implemented electronic shelf labels (ESL) as a pilot project in Farum. Based on the experience from this, Fog will implement ESL in the remaining stores.

- Based on the good experiences we have gained with ESL and the pilot project in Farum, we will, in 2019 implement the ESL solution in Hørsholm, Herlev, Værebro and Vordingborg. We expect that we, in 2020, also will implement the solution in the remaining stores so that they all - also in this area - take the lead, Mads Hvelplund concludes.

Johannes Fog was founded in 1920 and today the DIY chain consists of a Housing & Design House and nine Wood & Construction Center stores throughout North Zealand - in Hørsholm, Fredensborg, Kvistgård, Helsinge, Lyngby, Ølstykke, Herlev and Farum. In addition, Johannes Fog has a store in the southern part of Zealand in Vordingborg. Johannes Fog also runs the web shop www.johannesfog.dk with more than 10,000 items online.

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