Italian Lighting Lounge

Italian Lighting Lounge, an extraordinary showcase for the Retail lighting!

The fourth edition of the Italian Lighting Lounge will be held within the 21th edition of the trade fair EuroShop in Düsseldorf, from the 26th February until the 2th March 2023, the international appointment of the shop furniture and visual merchandising sectors: a shared event space dedicated to the excellences of Italian companies in the field of indoor and outdoor lighting and industrial design that will present the newest trends and the most innovative systems to the international market. 

The brands of the lighting made in Italy will be presented by a concept on a collective area of more than 300 square meters including the exhibit units of each single participating company and a lounge area for meetings and gathering news of the sector, set in a pleasant design ambient. 

In the fourth edition of ITALIAN LIGHTING LOUNGE will be presented the new collections of some of the top lighting brands made in Italy, such as: C-Led - Daylight - E.M.C. Colosio - Fabbrica Italiana Luci - Fan Europe - For All - Gi Plast - Ilmas - Mirails - Quattrobi - Red-Integrating Lighting Technologies - Stealth Light Group - TCI Professional Led Applications.

The project is conceived and promoted by Honegger in cooperation with Italian Lighting as media partner of the event. 

In the Retail field, it’s easier today balance aesthetics and functional aspects, in addition to the light control, thanks to equipment and LED systems. Companies offer lighting products with a refine and minimalist design, but with small dimensions, able to combine scattered light and accent lighting.

These are innovative lighting systems that can fully express their potential in the Retail world thanks to its adaptability, both in terms of measures and variable lighting scenarios.

The high standard of quality of these lighting devices, designed and manufactured in Italy, guarantees the satisfaction of a choice without compromise and ensures efficiency and durability over time, in support of all the energy-saving policies, in the Retail too.

In the stores there are different areas and functions, which can be underline with a distinguished but also attractive lighting, to improve both the quality and the shopping experience. Furthermore, the perfectly enlightened goods, offers to the retailer a new potential sales volume. At the same time, LED technology does not require maintenance, it’s durable and saves energy by reducing the long term operating costs.

The companies attending ITALIAN LIGHTING LOUNGE show a full range of products and components aimed at the world of professional Retail. Different proposals to shape the light according to specific needs, without forgetting the aesthetic rigor, the materials quality and a perfect finishing. Some introduce, in exclusive, high-definition LEDs, able to highlight, in a balanced way, both the warm and cold colors, making them pleasing to the human eye and maintaining a high level of visual comfort. A light specifically created for the Retail world, in which the need is to efficiently enlighten a space where coexist objects of different colors that require different color temperatures.

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