Incold S.p.A.

Incold presents IRMOS: the remote control system for Incoldactive automatic doors

With IRMOS (Incold Remote MOnitoring System), the system for continuous remote control of automatic doors, Incold becomes a technology partner for businesses: the open technology allows you to collect data, process them and make them available 24/7 in a simple intuitive manner.

IRMOS allows the IncoldActive automatic doors to be monitored in a few simple steps.

The software can be installed on both new doors and already existing ones.
The door is collected to the Internet by Wi-Fi network or cable. 
The user will be able to monitor various door parameters by accessing the web platform.  

IRMOS – What are the advantages?

1. Immediate diagnosis: the doors’ parameters can be monitored on the web platform and any errors will be displayed. 
2. Telephone assistance: the Incold engineer will easily be able to solve any operating malfunctions and put forward any customised maintenance plans based on the cycles detected.
3. Customised maintenance: customised maintenance plans based on the cycles detected. 


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