ITOS consolidates its position as a reference in the payments industry

With growth that doubles its turnover and profitability year after year, ITOS has managed to carve out a prominent niche in the payments industry, which until recently was dominated by the large multinationals in the sector.

The company, soon to celebrate two decades since its foundation, counts among its achievements that it was a pioneer in introducing a new payment technology in our country. A technology that moves away from traditional card payment systems, opting for a new model based on the Android operating system that offers great added value to the customer. Not only that, ITOS is currently a leader in integration projects for mobile payment devices, thanks to the brand's commitment to creating its own R&D department headed by Velianna Ivanova, an engineer with more than 25 years of experience in the field.

The company is taking a new direction with the hiring of Alejandro Salazar as Head of Payments in 2019. His extensive experience in finance and payments has been crucial in this growth phase. This is reflected in the development of a wide range of solutions that include new products and services, many of which are innovative to meet new market demands. Salazar: "At ITOS we reach the most demanding customers with complete, unique and innovative solutions that adapt to the projects and real needs of the companies. And we place great emphasis on our responsiveness, providing the customer with continuous advice, technical service and personalized assistance."

But it is also worth highlighting the international presence of ITOS, with commercial agreements in more than 20 countries for the development of mobility projects. With these projects, the brand targets different sectors, such as logistics and delivery, retail, hospitality and passenger transport.

Undoubtedly, a nice moment for the company after many years of effort and commitment in analyzing new technologies and optimizing solutions that efficiently contribute to improving companies' work processes, promoting their digital transformation and contributing to environmental sustainability.

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