e-Long Asia Limited


It is estimated that more than one million plastic bottles are purchased every minute around the world. And most of plastic water bottles we buy (more than 80%) end up in landfills. People are finding various ways to recycle plastic water bottles waste (recycled PET) into other useful products. To use the recycled PET for making hangers may be one of the solutions.

e-Long, as a plastic recycler with GRS certificate, plastic resin/material is made by e-Long own production plant. Post consumer waste plastics (mainly WEEE, household items) are broken down, sorted, separated into plastic, metal and other materials in qualified and government approved/licensed collection and recycling centres in various provinces of China. e-Long purchases these plastic flakes from these government licensed centres to process through washing process, sorting processes (density sorting, electro-static sorting, photometric sorting, optical spectrum sorting), and extrusion process to made plastic resins/materials. Plastic resins/materials are then injected to manufacture hangers or other plastic products. 

 Please visit our booth (Hall 12 / D10) to see our recycled plastic hangers.

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