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Graphtec - Furniture Fits Future

Graphtec is a B2B Romanian manufacturer of bespoke Commercial Furniture & POSM solutions.

Graphtec produces commercial furniture & POSM for 22 years over 40 thousand unique projects in over 25 countries around the globe. Graphtec offers a full package of services In-House such as: Consultancy, Design, Engineering, Manufacturing & Installation Worldwide.

Graphtec manufactures personalised business solutions for SMEs and Multinationals. We design, manufacture and install: POSM, Commercial Furniture, Sales Islands, Shop Fittings, Store Furniture, Signage, Gas Stations, Totetms, Exhibition Stands and many more.
Why should you work with Graphtec?
Our expertise in a various domain of specialised furniture, our experience lets us reproduce the design at 100%

What is commercial furniture?
Commercial Furniture is a type of product meant for the commercial use. It can have many shapes, colours, materials, finishes, it can be branded. At Graphtec, our quality standard lets us manufacture the best commercial furniture solutions for your brand. We put all our energy to add value to your company and make it sell better than before! The end intention for commercial furniture is to be used in a commercial space for the end consumer in order to benefit the seller. We offer commercial furniture services such as design, engineering, production & installation.
More information about commercial furniture on our article here: www.graphtec.ro/en/commercial-furniture/

What is POSM?
POSM means Point of Sales Materials, it is a marketing term used for a type of product that is meant and used as a Point of sales interest spot, its a piece of furniture that can be a POSM display or POSM shelve that selves the product and promotes the brand at the same time in many markets.
More information about POSM on our article here: www.graphtec.ro/en/posm/

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