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GLORY Announces Latest Back Office Retail Cash Recycling Solution CI-100X

 Basingstoke, UK: 26 January 2023 Glory [TYO: 6457], a global leader in cash technology solutions, today announces the launch of the latest solution in their next generation market-leading CASHINFINITY™ retail cash recycling solutions; CI-100X for the back-office, part of the all-new CI-X range.

Consumers around the world continue choosing to pay with cash and for some it is their only option. Smart retailers, large and small are deploying cash recycling solutions to increase efficiency, enhance security and manage the costs associated with processing the cash in their business.

Developed based on input from retail customers around the world, together with Glory’s proven experience, the new solutions apply the latest technologies to bring together previously siloed cash processes in-store and beyond to their cash-in-transit and banking partners. With disconnected processes now operating seamlessly, the results for retailers will be organisation-wide efficiencies, enhanced cash security, improved return on investment and opportunities to drive more revenue through improved staff productivity.

The CI-100X back-office solution automates and accelerates start and end of day cash processes, including float preparation and store reconciliation as well as preparation for CIT cash collections. Combined with the previously launched CI-10X point-of-sale cash recycler, they provide closed-loop cash automation, removing the need for staff to handle cash, reducing the risk of errors and cash shrinkage.

“Retailers from around the globe were able to experience the CI-X line in person at this year’s NRF show in New York,” said Joseph Gnorski, EVP of Retail Markets Americas for Glory. “The impact on operational efficiency and staffing challenges were evident when using digital cash automation at the point of sale, as part of self-checkouts and self-service kiosks, and for cash management in the back office. The CI-X range leads the industry of retail cash recyclers, especially in terms of quality, speed and ease of integration.”

Working with CI-SERVERX, Glory’s cash management software, cash handling activities are optimised throughout the front and back-office; providing store managers with real-time device updates and status information, as well as a consolidated view of the cash inventory across the store.

Toshimitsu Yoshinari, Chief Solutions Officer GLORY LTD said, “Today marks the culmination of many years of hard work to upgrade our CASHINFINITY range of solutions. With a new line-up of the latest technology for both retail front and back-office cash recycling automation solutions, not only are we enhancing the value we deliver to retailers optimising their in-store processes, we’re extending that value to their customers and to the cash processes that surround their store operations.”

With CI-10X at the point-of-sale and a range of solutions for varying customer requirements in the retail back office, retailers both small and large will now be able to take advantage of the operational efficiency and other benefits offered by CASHINFINITY cash recycling solutions.

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