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GK CLOUD4RETAIL Offers Solutions for Today's Retail Challenges. For the First Time, GK Enables Composable Commerce on an Enterprise Level.

  • The MACH approach is consistently applied by CLOUD4RETAIL to offer optimal conditions for flexible and future-oriented Composable Commerce implementations.
  • At EuroShop, GK is presenting new AI solutions that will shape the omnichannel experience of the future.
  • For the first time, visitors will be able to see applied hyper-personalization in-store, in real time and with a visualized shopping basket live on a smartphone.
At the EuroShop trade show in Düsseldorf, which takes place from 26 February to 2 March 2023, GK will showcase groundbreaking developments to its comprehensive AI and cloud-based solutions. These solutions help retailers meet today's challenges and prepare them for the transformation of the coming years. 

The Composable Commerce architecture of GK’s open CLOUD4RETAIL platform serves as a foundation that enables flexible, business-driven solutions, modular architectures and an open ecosystem of diverse applications. This is realized through the consistent implementation of the MACH approach (Microservices, APIs, Cloud-native, Headless), which is used for all CLOUD4RETAIL components. Through this, highly flexible, secure and business-oriented solutions are created which contribute to the automation of retail processes through artificial intelligence. 

Staff shortages, an uncertain market environment and the associated pressure for greater digitalization are currently posing acute challenges for retailers. At EuroShop, GK will present technological solutions that increase customer loyalty and efficiency in retail without the need for additional staff. Retail AI, which enables personalized and individualized interaction with customers in real time, links the online experience with the in-store experience. 

GK makes hyper-personalization tangible 

At EuroShop, GK is introducing hyper-personalization in a grab-and-go store for the first time: In combination with the AI-based solution GK Engage, customers receive individualized offers based on their shopping behavior in real time while shopping– and at every touchpoint of the consumer journey. This is made possible by the specially developed Big Data Platform GK Spot. It brings together the customer's current shopping basket, historical receipt data and all product and customer master data simultaneously. Real-time interaction is only possible with GK Go because, in contrast to other grab-and-go technologies, the shopping basket is calculated on the spot and is available to the customer on the smartphone display during the entire shopping process. This way, GK improves transparency and trust in the technology while enabling offers tailored to every customer. As a result, the customer experience is improved without the need for additional staff in the store. 

For years, GK has delivered the largest number of new POS installations in the retail sector worldwide (excluding hospitality and convenience/fuel). This leading position in new installations has recently been confirmed again for 2022 by UK research firm RBR. GK is also one of the world's leading suppliers of software for mobile self-scanning, RBR reported in May 2022. In addition, the analyst group IDC rated GK as a leader in its recently published POS Vendor Assessment, demonstrating GK's ability to anticipate future retail issues and provide solutions through technological innovation.  

The most important innovations that GK will present at EuroShop 2023 are: 

GK Spot 
GK's new Big Data Platform, enabling hyper-personalized customer experiences in real time by aggregating all relevant historical and current transactional data and delivering it across all CLOUD4RETAIL and omnichannel touchpoints.  

GK Engage 
The cloud-based AI solution for intelligent customer interaction enables personalized product offers and discounts based on customer loyalty programs during the shopping process in the form of hyper-personalization.  

GK Go 
The solution enables real-time product registration without scanning. This enables retailers to provide their customers with a transparent view of their shopping basket via their smartphone at any time during the shopping process. Picked or returned items are recorded using Aware Shelves from Israeli intelligent weighing technology specialist Shekel and 3D environmental detection using LiDAR sensors from Hitachi, without the need for shoppers to scan items or pay at the checkout. 

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