Harrison Products Ltd.

For the launch of their first flagship store, Dobbies enlisted us as consultants on store fixtures to design, develop, and innovate for the impressive new Tewkesbury site.

  • Dobbies needed all new fixtures to align with the store merchandising plan 
  • The merchandising solutions would have to suit a wide variety of products 
  • Final roll-out had to be completed in time for the store opening in November 2022.
Our Solutions: 
  • Our creative Product Design team worked in collaboration with Dobbies’ visual merchandising and marketing departments  
  • We prototyped and sampled a range of bespoke solutions in line with the client’s merchandising plan 
  • Our teams expertly navigated all design challenges, resulting in sign-off for the final prototypes ready for production 
The Results: 
  • 44 different fixture designs and acrylic POS items were supplied to the flagship store 
  • Around 200 pallets of bespoke merchandising displays were shipped to Tewksbury ahead of the store opening 
  • Dobbies was able to pull together impressive product displays throughout their 70,000 sq ft store 
"What a great business I have been lucky enough to work with on such a high-profile project. Starting with meetings to design and innovate new fixtures, through to on-site fixture sign offs; delivery and fixture placement in the new store has all been to exceptional standards."
Head of Visual Merchandising, Dobbies

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