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Find your way – Wanzl at EuroShop 2023

The retail landscape is still undergoing enormous change. New shop formats are being tested, innovative
business models are being tried out and existing ones are being enhanced. Solutions that inspire
customers, reduce costs and at the same time overcome pressing challenges in the value chain are in
demand. Key issues include situational shopping, experiential shopping and ways to counteract the severe
staff shortage. As the forerunner of the retail sector, Wanzl will be demonstrating how it is guiding its
partners safely through the maze of possibilities into the future at the world's leading trade fair EuroShop
2023 in Düsseldorf at Stand F04 in Hall 11. Under the slogan “Find your way”, the industry pioneer will
present its innovations and expertise in seven themed worlds.

InnoHub – innovations with Wanzl
This is where the laboratory meets the workshop, creativity meets implementation and innovation meets
experience. Wanzl shows what technology can do in the right hands – and not for the sake of technology,
but in a scalable and economical way. The highlight is located at the back of the theme world: the
SupremeStore CX. It is the incremental advancement of Wanzl's established 24/7 concepts, which have
already been put into practice over 100 times. The aim is to create a completely staff-free, checkout-less
store. The pioneering technologies on display will include Smart Exit and shelving systems with
inventory monitoring as well as a solution to allocate goods to the respective customer. Our store
access products are also already setting trends. For the first time, Wanzl is presenting its stylish sliding
door, a fully automatic sliding door as an alternative to classic gate solutions with swivel arms. In the lobby
area, the 'Vision Board' invites visitors to an interactive exchange of ideas and the 'My Vision' whiteboard
invites them into the Wanzl designers' creative world of ideas. The 'How we work' area uses video clips to
introduce trade fair visitors to the company's philosophy and technological skills.

Surf Vice City – smart shopping without losing time
Sun, beach, shopping – anyone entering the world of Surf Vice City will find themselves in the look and feel
of Miami from the gaming classic GTA and Miami Vice: pretty in pink and effortlessly cool. Hungry, thirsty
or forgotten to bring any sun protection? No problem, in this store all needs can be met immediately, no
matter what time it is. Spontaneous, super cool and smart shopping is ultra-fast thanks to Fast Lane logic
and intelligent shopping aids such as the Smart Basket with a smartphone holder integrated into the handle
for independent scanning and the Smart Trolley. What makes it smart? On the one hand, its various
modules such as the hybrid coin deposit lock and a display including a camera with AI function . On
the other hand, there is the unique charging management system in the trolley shelter.

Bakisto – the automated baking process
The bake-off sector in food retail is growing. Significant time requirements, a lack of experienced staff as
well as a rigid baking plan and write-offs, however, are dampening the profitability. Together with the oven
manufacturer Wiesheu, Wanzl has automated the baking process in store: from loading to baking to
presentation and AI and demand-oriented control. For this purpose, the smart BakeOff i from Wanzl, a
cobot (collaborative robot) from Fanuc and the Dibas blue2 oven with TrayMotion from Wiesheu are
networked with each other. This trio relieves the strain on staff, reduces markdowns, prevents out-of-stock
situations and also increases the quality of baked goods.

Traveller shop – connect with us
Is this a shop or a lounge? With the 24/7 “Traveller Shop” small-area concept, Wanzl is demonstrating
how hotels and campsites, airports and train stations, along with residential and apartment complexes can
meet the basic needs of their customers and residents: buying pharmacy items or regional specialities,
enjoying fresh fruit and coffee, and talking to other travellers or neighbours. Thanks to its elegant design,
you’ll love spending time here and relaxing. In addition, there are practical tools such as the new parking
space management system from Wanzl and its partner Nexobility, which digitises parking and payment
processes and makes parking space management more effective. This results in new opportunities for use
when parking spaces are no longer occupied by customers outside opening hours. Another highlight is the
unique combination of self-check-in/check-out and gate in one system. There is no more space-saving
way to handle reliable, automated registration and payment processes. The cloud-based software
platform wanzl connect® ensures smooth operations in the background. Continuous status reports from
the various devices, anonymised people counting and customer tracking, control of in-store lighting and
music – all this and much more is possible with wanzl connect® .

From POS to POD – reimagining the last mile
Quick commerce concepts are booming. Dark stores are sprouting up like mushrooms in urban centres.
And this despite growing evidence that the current business models are unlikely to ever become profitable.
Therefore, it is time to rethink the last mile and picking. Established retailers in particular have a great
opportunity thanks to their existing infrastructure. The strategy is: from point of sale to point of delivery.
Existing central depots, store warehouses and the retail space of the stores themselves are used in synergy
for cost-efficient picking. Wanzl supplies solutions for efficient picking, such as the new KT Lift order
picking trolley, transport trolleys, floor rollers or a mobile workstation, complemented by the smart
ProGlove Scan glove.

The Senses – shopping with all your senses
Add a touch of luxury! Whether it's an exclusive monobrand store or an elegant separate retail area in the
store, the 'The Senses' concept from Wanzl will ensure that gourmets, connoisseurs and anyone who wants
to treat themselves or someone else to something special find exactly what they're looking for. The Art
Deco-style design in black and gold is inspired by the atmosphere of an elegant jazz club, with a
corresponding sound and a light cedar wood scent. The centrepiece is the Art Deco table. Here, champagne
bottles are displayed on small platforms of varying heights with LED lights on top. Other eye-catching elements
are the unique wall shelves, which pick up the mood with their LED-lit arches and exude the premium idea of this concept.

Chalet – 360° service
"Welcome to the fireside chat in the Wanzl Chalet! Are you looking for a timely store opening, reliable and long-lasting products as well as high system availability? Then you’ve come to the right place." With its Service & Projects team, Wanzl offers tailor-made consultancy, planning and implementation from a single source for smooth projects. The team manages large-scale projects that are technically and logistically very complex, have a high product volume and a longer timeline. But projects with sophisticated design and concept planning are also part of the portfolio. Service & Projects also provides support for service projects that require an individual solution and planning because they are very service-intensive or the service is required at many locations – in Germany, Europe or worldwide. Service and project management are the keys to success.

Detailed information on the individual theme worlds and new products will follow...

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