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EuroShop 2023: VR Payment is Reshaping the Customer Experience

·        Payment specialist of the Cooperative Financial Network focuses on experience-orientated point of sale
·        Automation and mobilisation of sales and payment processes are key to a positive customer experience
·        Two-storey payment course makes smart payment solutions tangible for trade fair visitors

 Today, more than ever, commerce is about creating and engaging experiences. A positive customer experience brings joy and encourages customers to return –therefore, it is crucial for business success. At this year’s EuroShop, VR Payment, the payment specialist of the Cooperative Financial Network, demonstrates how vendors can design their checkout and payment in an experience-orientated way: hall 6, booth I 28.

“Consumers value the freedom to shop anytime, anywhere, regardless of opening hours or local availability. Today, they choose offers that fit their lifestyles and their daily routine,” says Carlos Gómez-Sáez, CEO of VR Payment. “It is a challenge for retailers to satisfy their customers’ need for flexibility and personalisation. Automating and mobilising the point of sale can help to make processes more efficient, to free up resources, and to expand sales channels. In this context, payment becomes an important element in designing the customer journey.” The payment specialist demonstrates a number of solutions on a two-storey payment course in Düsseldorf under the motto: “Enabling Payment: Cashless Happiness.”

Paying without Queueing: Cashierless Checkout from payfree

With payfree, VR Payment enables fast and convenient shopping – without queuing. Thanks to its grab-and-go technology, customers can simply pay as they walk past. They pass their shopping bag through a small scanning unit that automatically registers every item via RFID tags (Radio Frequency Identification). Customers then pay contactless by card or digital wallet. In contrast to comparable cashierless checkout concepts, the payfree technology does not require expensive cameras or sensor technology on the shelves.

While customers benefit from shorter waiting times and a seamless shopping experience, retailers can focus on providing personal assistance – and thus play to their greatest strength. In addition, there are numerous advantages of RFID technology: merchandise logistics, inventory management and product security systems can be seamlessly linked to the checkout solution. Accordingly, the retail sector is highly interested. payfree is already in use today in the areas of sports merchandise, beauty and cosmetics, fashion, and furniture retail.

 Expanding Sales Channels: “Smoothr CoolR” AI Vending Machine

Modern vending machines expand stationary retail because they are easy to place in various settings. They also improve customer experience by moving the payment process into the background with one-tap payment. The smart vending machine Smoothr CoolR combines this innovative payment solution with AI technology. Therefore, buying products becomes as easy as grabbing an item from one's refrigerator at home:
First, customers authorise their purchase by tapping a credit card, girocard (debit card) or mobile wallet only once, then open the Smoothr CoolR, select the product and take it out – that is it. Discreet built-in cameras track the goods that are removed or returned. Closing the door completes purchase and payment automatically.
The Smoothr CoolR optimises the customer journey at the vending machine as well as the operation for vendors because it automates refilling, invoicing and maintenance. Reducing mechanical complexity, the Smoothr CoolR is easier to stock and cheaper than conventional vending machines.

Freeing up Resources: Self-Ordering and Mobile Ordering

Especially in industries with high customer frequency such as hospitality, smooth processes and service are key success factors. Self-order terminals and mobile ordering options are the perfect solution for that. Whether at stationary order points or on the go via app – customers can order comfortably and pay cashless. Managing customer flows and processing orders becomes more efficient; staff are freed up and can concentrate on good service.

Creating Store Incentives: E-Charging Stations Including Payment

The German Federal Government is aiming for seven to ten million electric vehicles to be registered in Germany by 2030. The need for charging points is correspondingly high. By installing e-charging stations, retailers make their business or company car park more appealing. Thereby, they attract drivers of electric vehicles, invite them to spend time in their shop and gain new customers.

VR Payment’s presentation at this year’s trade fair highlights the following: By automating and mobilising sales and payment processes, retailers are taking the customer experience at the point of sale to its next level. They reach their customers more easily, gain new sales channels and optimise business processes.

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