Gammacril S.r.l.

Esagreen® - Extruded Acrylic Tubes with 100% recycled polymer

Thanks to investments made in recent years with the aim of increasing its products sustainability in consideration of a more and more circular economy, Gammacril adds now to its production range Esagreen® Acrylic Tubes extruded with polymer obtained by mechanical recycling.

Recycling carried out either from our production waste or tubes collected by some selected customers, where a careful selection of recoverable tubes takes place and then checked internally to our company before sending them to the recycling process. It takes place in three distinct phases, shredding, grinding and dedusting/filtering, in order to obtain a perfectly reusable granulate within our extrusion production process without any difference with the virgin polymer.

Esagreen® Acrylic Tubes keep the physical, mechanical and chemical properties of the tubes produced with virgin polymer virtually unaltered, while all the typical fabricating processes of acrylic remain unchanged, and are supplied with the same diameters, sizes and conditions of the Esacril®Acrylic Tubes.  

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