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Effective room administration with digital signs

At Hospice Søholm and several other healthcare institutions, there is a need for continuous update of content on room signage. To achieve an easier and more efficient administration of rooms, Hospice Søholm has therefore implemented digital room signage solution.

The right information is crucial in front of storage rooms, living rooms and other premises at Hospice Søholm, where the digital room signage solution from Delfi Technologies has been implemented. In this way, it is possible to update the signs with one click without having to change anything manually in front of the rooms. This gives Hospice Søholm a clear overview of every room while changes to the signs easily can be made online.

- It's easy to manage our rooms with digital room signage and the included software where we can manage and update the content online. We can also decide how the design should look like and what kind of information there should be on the digital room signs. In addition, it all runs as a subscription, so we can easily make changes as our needs change, says Knud Skytthe, Technical Service Manager at Hospice Søholm.

With low installation costs and the possibility of purchasing the solution via a subscription, the solution differs from other digital signage solutions on the market. The room signage solution runs wirelessly and the installation itself is both easy and fast. The digital signs also have replaceable batteries, so you can easily and quickly replace the batteries yourself.
It is not only at Hospice Søholm there is a need for digital signage - most other hospices, nursing homes, elderly homes, and hospitals must keep track of many different rooms. Simultaneously, there is also a need of being able to continuously update the content on the signs in front of meeting rooms, storage rooms, living rooms and other types of rooms. There are plenty of benefits, says Knud Skytthe:

- I could easily imagine that other institutions in the healthcare sector could achieve the same - and even more benefits from digital signage. We also plan to be more digital on other areas. In addition to digital signs from Delfi Technologies, it is also possible to attach a digital monitor solution – this one of the areas we are looking into.

In the same way as with digital signs, there is a possibility of attaching a digital monitor solution to the same platform where a TV can be used as an information screen to create an overview in e.g. a reception, information desk or similar places. The content of the info screen can be customized and updated online in the same way as with the digital signs.

In Stavtrup near Brabrand lake Hospice Søholm is located, which is a self-governing institution with an operating agreement with Region Midtjylland. To be placed on a hospice, a sick person must have a life-threatening illness, accompanied by complex issues of a physical, mental, social and/or existential nature. It is also important that the sick person wants a stay at a hospice.

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