Custom S.p.A.

DESTINATION: RETAIL TECH & SELF SERVICE CONVERGENCE with unprecedented integrated solutions: cash registers, data capture and scales.

Awareness is the new competitive landscape and Custom has the wide range of bottom-up technology to help different markets: more with less and totally worry-free. A new adapting mindset is the basic step to take; it’s fundamental to be competitive in a liquid market. A complete technology knowledge: from printers to readers, from point of sales to click&collect, from payment to software and service automation. The best frictionless solutions for the easiest retail experience will be unveiled during EUROSHOP 2023. CUSTOM already helps all kind of retailers; listen to the markets, help to reduce times to discover new integrated solutions, improve the selling goals and provide helpful technology solutions. Caring about others’ needs and help them: technology today is evolving at a rapid pace, enabling faster changes and progresses, causing an acceleration of the rate of change.

HIGHLIGHTS - 7 reasons why
1. newest advanced self-service Retail solutions;
2. 30-years of experience in Retail automation, 16 fiscal markets with multi-technology; ready for the new german fiscal law;
3. cutting-edge technology to quickly, efficiently respond to fit of hardware, software, and services;
4. global expertise and One-Stop-Shop to maximize cross-selling and support all our partners;
5. unparalleled continue acquisitions (M&A);
6. worldwide Custom Service Center able to support all customers;
7. a great stock helpful for different needs with the best total cost ownership.

Custom S.p.A., boosting innovation for all kind of retailers (small, medium and large) to create a real value for a new Retail awareness. A leader in retail automation, it’s helping all kind of retailers from restaurants to supermarkets, grocery stores and franchising to supply those technologies that already run in more of 76 different countries for a better Retail process. Custom provides an integrated offer that is unique in its sector. The only offer able to satisfy every kind of operator thanks to its comprehensive, integrated, innovative and smart solutions: from the PC POS to printers, from data-capture to cash register, from the new weighings to the advance retail self-service approach thanks to the AMTEK’s, without forgetting the cash register solutions and the new T-Ranger tablet. The ability to cross over many sectors has allowed Custom to be fast in anticipating the market changes and to be ready in developing solutions that integrate hardware and services to guarantee added value to customers and end users. “At Euroshop 2023 Custom Group will unveil a portfolio of solutions that are unique at an international level, strengthened by an integrated approach to vertical markets developed over time and on the ground, thanks to its complete oversight: from solution design and research to the engineering and industrialization of the solution,”commented Alessandro Mastropasqua, Head Media & Institutional relations at Custom Group. “Food retailers, groceries, street vendors, hospitality, and all the shops in the entertainment sector have long struggled to discover the right technology for the right needs. Even today, retailers don’t have time to be updated, but the dissemination could be the simplest way to be updated”, says Alessandro Mastropasqua, Head of Media & Institutional Relations of Custom Group. The Group continues to grow with the introduction of several new solutions every year, also during pandemic times (Amtek). Additionally, further acquisitions will create new partnerships from which the core business in Europe and America will benefit thanks also to a lot of OEM projects. In other markets, such as German, Greek and Romanian growth is being fueled by the introduction of new fiscal tax solutions under the new government regulations.
Custom Group had a total turnover of 130 million euro in the last FY thanks 5 manufacturing plants worldwide (Italy, Romania, Brazil, China and India) and a workforce of over 650 employees, more than 200 of them dedicated to R&D. Custom Group is the global epitome of designing and manufacturing mechatronic printing and scanning solutions for Retail Automation, offering a wide range of solutions for the automation of public services in more than 76 different countries worldwide.
Multi-technology for Retail&Hospitality markets
Quality and technology are key ingredients and various research released confirms growing indicators in the Retail&Hospitality sector. To grasp this trend and not be caught unprepared, it is essential to have the right solutions.
New tax regulations, new purchasing habits, and health and safety regulations imposed by the pandemic have enabled Custom Group to research new solutions to support the market, thereby creating the best integrated offering, crossing many areas, and one of a kind in terms of the Retail offering, guaranteeing innovation and the most advanced technology available to date in terms of solutions for weighing, self-service, cash registers and data capture integrations.
“This is evident in the release of the new Advanced Self-Service Retail solutions” says Alessandro Mastropasqua, Head of Media & Institutional Relations. Custom’s commitment to innovation is further seen by the level of functionality designed into Retail markets integrated solutions: kiosk, printers, barcode readers, self-checkout and scales able to dialogue with all Custom devices. One of the news on self-service is the new model GLASS 27 and Jolly. Glass27 is Amtek’s newest and highly-innovative kiosk. Equipped with a 27’’ FHD full glass, touch screen monitor, Glass27 is developed to accept most forms of payment, and to be fully compatible with multiple operating systems. This solution is available in desktop, pedestal, dual side and wall mount, making it an incredibly versatile option to fit the needs of different markets and businesses.
Helpfulness technology for all Retail&Hospitality automation flows
Printing, barcode reading and scanning are primary and fundamental phases in the retail journey. Limited predictive capabilities, inventory management systems, digital stress are the main troubles of universal retailers and Custom is ready to support the customer needs everyday and everywhere thanks to self-service opportunities, different devices to avoid typos mistakes, and so on. These solutions provide specific applications to support different needs, such as: "lockers", i.e. unmanned distribution warehouses, "queue management" kiosks, "click&collect" systems for product ordering and collection, "cash kiosks” for automatic payments without operator.
However here in Custom Group, it is not only technology trends and emerging technologies that are evolving, a lot more has changed this year due to the outbreak of COVID-19, making IT professionals realize that their role will not remain the same in the contactless world of tomorrow. For these reasons Custom decided to continue widening our offer starting with the SILK series, the best cost-effective choice and the latest model DAYTONA. SILK PCs have already registered great interest in different markets thanks to a fast and compact design. The result is the immediate improvement in every step of sales and purchases through a 15” TFT LED display extraordinarily efficient, which also responds to the most complex needs of retailers. CUSTOM is able to plan and provide complete solutions thanks to its know-how, and to channel partners’ expertise.

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