Custom S.p.A.

Custom is expanding its offering with a series of data intelligence solutions applicable to all its business lines.

Custom, convinced of the importance of all steps in the sales process and the deep interconnection between front-end and back-office, has decided to expand its portfolio with technologies and solutions for data gathering: a fundamental role in the Digital Transformation process. While Custom already has a strong base in hardware solutions, with scanners, printers and cash registers, barcode readers and data acquisition systems are critical for the strategic management of retail outlets.
Starting from the family of barcode scanners with a range of 5 models, SCANRANGER, developed for a variety of markets in which data scanning is the starting point for the digitalisation process, just as important as the printed cash receipt at the other end of the sales cycle. These professional, competitive devices feature a modern ergonomic design with robust cases, and are available in multiple versions: for 1D and 2D scanning, corded or wireless with Bluetooth interface, and in the presenter version, an omnidirectional scanner with automatic code detection.
As for mobile computers, Custom presents the P-RANGER range of full touch rugged handheld computers, the evolution of the highly successful RANGER PRO series, offering unique versatility thanks to the alternative and modular versions with scanners and fingerprint readers (RP100 - RP300 and RP 340). The top of the range rugged mobile computer terminal with keyboard is the K-RANGER: a terminal with 2D scanner, featuring Wi-Fi and UMTS/LTE connectivity, available in the GUN version with both
standard and extra long range scanning. Multi-touch display, projected capacitive, impact resistant. In addition to its above average performance, it can also work in the open field without WIFI coverage, depending on the needs of the application, market and industry.

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