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Coop Greenland removes distributed physical leaflets

All too often, grocery retailers talk about the cost of producing and managing the flyer/leaflet, not to mention the sustainability impact, but there’s no denying it’s a powerful marketing tool to communicate with customers.

Coop Greenland (Kalaallit Nunaanni Brugseni) recently tested a new, digital flyer in the Lobyco platform, removing distributed physical ones from the market. By measuring & analysing the impact of such a change in the Lobyco platform, Coop Greenland have now decided to remove the distributed flyer and is now communicating to their customers via their app. Next step will be to personalize the digital leaflet.

I’m really proud Lobyco is working with such a forward-thinking retailer Benny Reffeldt Otte, who has an awareness of the wider environmental impact, and I look forward to seeing even more successes with our partnership.

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