Cashmaster International LTD

Cashmaster Helps Customers "Cash In" On Cash Use Across The Continent

UK-based Cashmaster experiences double-digit growth in line with consumer spending returning to in-store retail and hospitality premises post-pandemic, signalling strong use of cash across Europe. The Group is set to announce exciting new product features at this year’s EuroShop which further strengthens the return on investment for customers using Cashmaster money counting solutions in line with ongoing cash-use trends.

Cashmaster International Ltd will be exhibiting in Retail Technology Hall 5 at booth G37, and will showcase the Cashmaster One range with an accompanying smart safe which together, enable European retail businesses to handle cash on their premises securely and efficiently.

Presenting to business executives attending the EuroShop trade fair, Cashmaster will demonstrate the substantial labour and loss prevention benefits that can be achieved through automated cash management – with examples of current customers showing upwards of €1m saved each year through reduced labour costs, increased accuracy of in store cash counts and enhanced customer experience through improved employee satisfaction.

The new features, which have been developed by Cashmaster’s industry leading product development team using over 40 years of customers’ experience and feedback from within the field, promise to provide customers with enhanced accessibility, accuracy of counts and improved integration with other hardware and software used alongside Cashmaster devices.

This, Cashmaster and existing customers believe, will drive loss prevention, minimise shrinkage and enhance profitability more than ever before – benefits which have become increasingly important for retail and hospitality businesses in light of current global economic affairs.

Of Cashmaster’s upcoming launch of their exciting new features, Group Technology & Marketing Director, Martin Petersen, comments:

“Businesses looking to drive operational efficiency in their store cash management procedures can drive significant improvements when deploying our Cashmaster One solutions. Our easy to use device standardise cash handling tasks, allow you to implement robust loss prevention controls, and bring simple automation and integration within easy reach – all for an incredibly competitive price point compared to other technologies. We look forward to showcasing these solutions at EuroShop 2023.”

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