CIAM at Euroshop 2023: an experiential garden in which to grasp sustainable innovations.

CIAM to Düsseldorf

At Euroshop 2023, an experiential garden in which to grasp sustainable innovations.

From Feb. 26 to March 2, the eagerly awaited retail fair concentrates excellence in technology and design in Düsseldorf. CIAM and its Art Director Fabrizio Milesi have designed an organic space for Euroshop 2023, in which to experience the totalizing experience of its latest innovations in automation, aesthetics, design, and sustainability. In Hall 15/A24, a meadow grows and ideas grow too, with the underlying need to have nature as the first interlocutor and form of inspiration. In this CIAM garden, we move from flower to flower, creating a personal path that takes shape by moving freely toward what attracts. Curiosity reconnects with nature, its rhythms, and products that respect its cycles and circularity.

Products that will be exhibited at this year's Ciam booth include:

The new Tortuga JWL with drawers represents a further versioning of the Tortuga line, now among the best sellers of Ciam products.
This model was created to embrace the world of meat displaying even more, and it has been equipped with the drawers to make it even more exclusive and functional.
The new Tortuga JWLs have a tank insulated with environmentally friendly polyurethane and covered with stainless steel, cooling is by means of a fan ventilated refrigeration system at positive temperature. The refrigeration system is capillary system with environmentally friendly R290 gas (thermostatic valve for external motor and related Fgas). Natural defrosts are automatic and programmed. The electronic control unit is touch and the temperature reader is digital and flush with the top. The display area is composed by pull-out stainless steel drawers with reinforced rails, and "standard" handle. The glass gantry consists of a display case with double-glazing fixed glass and "black" screen printing. These showcases are equipped with dual 3000°K no-spot LED strip lighting, while the supporting frame is in coated steel with height-adjustable stainless steel feet.

Gelatowall: launched during the last edition of Sigep 2023, created in collaboration with designer Simone Micheli. A vertical ice cream parlour that, thanks to its design, will allow operators in the sector to create a store even in extremely small spaces.

"Gelatowall represents the manifesto of a thought of mine: translating the complexity of our time into simplicity. It is a content and expressive figuration that alters the known stereotype of ice cream presentation and administration. It expresses with simplicity essentiality, expressive and communicative strength the sense of enhancing the product to be administered through super contemporary modes of perception and use. By means of its dimensional and ergonomic dynamics, it allows the realization of an extraordinary and super attractive ice cream shop in places within which it would never be possible to realize it even by thought.
It features a clever use of technology that makes this system smart. It is a compact and perfect machine where everything is masterfully and carefully designed to ensure maximum efficiency and functionality. It represents a new possible future for the way of ice cream delivery but not only!"

Simone Micheli Architect

Specifically, it is a refrigerated vertical cabinet for frozen application (-18 °C) with fan ventilated refrigeration system; reverse-cycle automatic, electric, programmed defrosting, built-in condensing unit, prearrangement for 10lt steel round tubs with storage. The refrigerated compartment can be accessed through insulated doors with automated opening with laser detection (patented system). The refrigerated compartment has internal lighting with 3000°K LED strip. The exterior cladding is mirror glass panneling with prearrangement for videowall insertion programmable through specific software for ice cream flavors insertion and interactive graphics. GelatoWall is equipped with side modules in brushed steel with sink, hopper for separated waste, doors on storage module, adjustable glass shelves, electrical outlets. Even the lateral sides are equipped with 3000°K diffused LED. It is possible to hermetically close the two lateral sides via 2 aluminum shutters.
Gelatowall is equipped with a front module where a monitor is installed, which the operator uses to manage the orders that are transmitted to him via a totem. The latter is used by customers to choose the flavors and type of product packaging. Once the payment is finalized through the easy pay system and the receipt is issued, the order reaches the operator who processes it and proceeds with the order.

Spotlight also on the new Circe and IceScreen pozzetti gelato counters, which revolutionize the line of pozzetti counters not only in terms of design, but also in terms of technology.

 The Pozzetto Gelato Circle counter series consists of 6 linear modules, 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 10 - 12 round tubs available with or without storage. Refrigeration is static with glycol, perfect for ensuring temperature uniformity for fast ice cream scooping for both upper round tubs and the lower ones. Round tubs are placed inside stainless steel slots with anti-spinning system on 4 points. Round tubs slots are equipped with a new plastic collar flush with the top and perfectly coplanar with the inner walls of the slot. The lids are the heart of the project and in addition to having an original style and design, they distinguish Ciam pozzetti from all others on the market. Lids are available in the two versions Sopra Piano, placed on the top and Filo Piano, perfectly flush with the worktop; the series of lids has a wide range of customization of materials: steel, powder coating, electroplating treatment, acrylics, Gres, marble or engineered stone, natural stone or wood. The built-in condensing unit is always with eco-friendly R290 gas; when condensing unit is remote, FGas is used.
It is also possible to combine the Pozzetto Gelato Circle counter with the Standard and Compact line of counters, as well as the Table product. It is precisely in this composition that it will be possible to view the Circle counter.

The same pozzetto gelato is available in the IceScreen version: equipped with the same technological peculiarities as Circle, it differs from it in its characteristic tilting doors hinged in the top with soft-closing and equipped with integrated video walls in total black finish (RAL 9005). Graphics and video communication can be customized via a special web application and data transfer with a USB flash drive.

Table: The Table counter/showcase (designed by Fabrizio Milesi) was presented for the first time in the context of Milan Design Week 2021.
TABLE / Concept

“I imagined Table to try to define a new concept; to reinterpret the idea of the counter through the table, as a sign of greater sharing between user and operator, redefining with its presence, even in the center of the room, the space that welcomes it.
The counter traditionally divides the operator from the client with a logic of spatial separation. The table, on the other hand, through the element of the top and its generous functional dimensions, explores a new approach in the sector; the refrigerated horizontal and vertical display cases in heated glass seem to rest on the  top itself, where people can serve themselves independently, also thanks to the possibility of their automated opening.
Formally, Table is expressed through the synthetic elements of the table; the top and the legs. These elements take on great strength thanks to the work done on their proportions and the large step between one support and the other. The table invites you to gather around it and to lean on its top; it invites you to touch its surface always emanating a tactile sensorial perception. In this sense, I believe, Matteo Brioni's choice of raw earth is the ideal one to transfer that sense of natural well-being to the people who will use it.
Of course, like the whole philosophy of the new Ciam products, Table is designed to be customized with different sizes, technological accessories and materials.
Its sign has a strong presence and is able to strongly characterize the space around it; it is space itself." 

Fabrizio Milesi

The counter consists of the following elements:

1) Table
Supporting structure in bent steel, brushed steel covering.

2) Pozzetti gelato Circle
Integrated with the table we have Circle pozzetti, with Filo Piano lids.

 3) 2 T-Move drop-in display cases
Cold/ambient drop-in with automatic transformation system; finished in RAL 6019 pastel green, R4 glass gantry with NoFog heated glasses.

 T-Move display cabinets, belonging to the family of Drop-in display cabinets, feature a patented automatic system of conversion from an ambient flush-mounted showcase to a ventilated refrigerated display with overhead air delivery.

Additional products that will be available for viewing at the booth are:

Move22: This line of pastry and ice cream display cases, which represents the evolution of the previous Move16 model, features the innovative patented automatic opening system. By touching the flush integrated buttons on the LED micro-display, the rear case automatically slides downwards allowing the operator access to the refrigerated compartment, in this way the glass case has the function of a wrapping surface, after which by touching another button the glass automatically returns to the closed position.

It is worthy to devote a special focus to the custom Exclusive mural, which represents the essence of Ciam: customization, design and technology are encapsulated in a single product. It is a vertical showcase of a height of about 3.5 m, with a width of about 2.5 m, equipped with double-glazed doors with brass handles; 3000°K LED lighting was installed on the door profiles and on the central mullion. The interior cladding was made of Laminam Orobico Grigio, 12mm thick; the display case was equipped with stainless steel shelves and bottle rack structure with iron cylinders with Akzo YY217E finish.

The Counters family has been completely redesigned and industrialized with an important update both in terms of technology and design. The refrigerated counters of the Standard and Compact lines are available in 5 types of applications: static refrigeration, ventilated refrigeration, retarder proofing application, meat dry‐aging application, ventilated humid warm application.
The new doors, completely made in‐house, allow to expand the range of module configurations, taking full advantage of all dimensions in length, height and depth, as well as all types of refrigeration.
Compared to the previous version, moreover, the steel uprights, base and crossbar have been removed, the patch covers the entire height surface of the module and the distance between one door and the other is 3mm only.
The standard finish is polished steel, but it is possible to customize the finish of the doors and therefore the entire module with glazed doors and drawers, powder coating, wood, electroplating treatment.

Below are the customization options available on the Ciam website:

Micro-hinges derived from the home design industry have been used for this product line, allowing the doors to be cleaned on the inside as well. These hinges also allow the doors to be brought closer together leaving a gap of only 3mm! The individual hinges are also easily replaceable with screws.
It is possible to equip the counters with telescopic drawer units for total pull-out. Upon request, it is possible to equip the drawers with internal dividers for a better organization of the drawer contents, especially for bottles and cans.

Finally, other products we find in the Ciam booth are: vertical display cases Murozero, Murozero Slide, Brilliant, Exclusive, and a pastry and chocolate display case model Jewellery.

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