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Blue City: Used consumer electronics with a clear conscience

The consumer electronics chain Blue City is successful within purchase and sale of used electronics via nine physical stores and the web shop www.bluecity.dk. The sustainable concept helps to reduce the amount of electronic waste and electronic shelf labels help to reduce the paper consumption at the store shelves.

There is a lot of money to save by buying a used phone, tablet or computer. When you, as a customer, buy used electronics from the consumer electronics chain Blue City, you do not only save money - you also go home with a good conscience. Alongside thinking of the environment and sustainability, Blue City also thinks about efficiency. Electronic shelf labels have therefore been introduced to save both time and paper.

- On a regularly basis, we get used electronics in and out of the door, so we also have a lot of changes to the product information at the shelves. The actual pricing is done both in the store and centrally from the chain office. I think most people underestimate how much time and paper there is used to replace and make sure that the correct price and information is displayed on the shelf. Therefore, we have successfully introduced electronic shelf labels and this saves us an enormous amount of time and paper every day, says Store Manager in Blue City at Vesterbrogade in Copenhagen, Magnus Munthe-Lindeburg.

More and more Danish companies and consumers are focusing on sustainability and recycling. Many resources are used to produce new electronics. At Blue City, the environment is given a favor by working actively within the circular economy through the purchase and refurbishment of used electronics. By reusing the products, the product lifetime will be extended and the total resource consumption will be reduced.

- As a consumer at Blue City you can buy fully functional used electronics from well-known brands with full warranty at a lower sales price. We buy electronics from both private and corporate companies. After a refurbishment we put the product at the shelf, type in the price in the system, after which the electronic shelf label is automatically being updated with the correct information, says Magnus Munthe-Lindeburg.

Blue City prices the used electronics based on the product's condition, brand and age. At the same time, they keep an eye on what others are charging for similar products on the market. In this way, the chain can always offer the best possible price. It also means that a large number of price changes can be send to the stores if a central decision is made – e.g. to change all the prices on an entire brand.

- Previously, there could easily be 500 price changes printed at once. Now, the price tags are always updated and we appreciate that, Magnus Munthe-Lindeburg concludes.

Blue City is an consumer electronics chain that buys and sells used electronics. Today, the consumer electronics chain runs nine physical stores and the online store www.bluecity.dk. Blue City acquires used electronics from both private people and corporate companies, after which the products will be sold with full guarantee at a lower price.

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