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After almost 50 years in the city: New clothes for Irma Køge

Irma Køge has been upgraded after the store in the summer of 2018 moved to a new and better location at the new station space in the store section Strædet. In connection with the relaunch, the Irma store is lifted to a brand new and urban concept, which also includes electronic shelf labels and more time for customers.

Since 1972 Irma has been located at Nørre Boulevard in Køge. The premises were eventually quite worn down and it was time for an upgrade. After almost 50 years in the city, the possibility of completely new premises arose in connection with the opening of the new store section Strædet. The Irma store now offers a new urban concept with high-quality furnishings, more space for fruit and vegetables, as well as meat and wine. In addition, the store has received electronic shelf labels that provide more time for customers.

- We have saved a lot of time after we have introduced the electronic shelf labels, especially on Thursday, where there every single week is released a new newspaper. But that does not mean that we have reduced the staff - we just got more time for other tasks, explains Nicklas Enevoldsen, store manager at Irma Køge.
Nicklas Enevoldsen himself is from the local area and has been store manager at the former Irma store on Nørre Boulevard for 15 years. It's noticeable among the employees that the store has moved to a new and better location and at the same time has gotten new clothes, says Nicklas Enevoldsen.

- The employees appreciate the new and more modern surroundings. At the same time, they are happy that they no longer must change shelf labels every time a new price or product change comes in. Now the shelves are automatically updated with the right information and this is of course also a benefit for the customers.

Irma is conducting a comprehensive modernization of the chain, where 45 stores are switched according to the strategy 'The Urban Irma 2018-2022' so that they appear to be a food house with an Irma supermarket. This means that "street-kitchen" / deli will open instead of traditional butcher's departments - with many more ready-made food solutions of high quality. There will be specialty departments for vegetarians and vegans and there will be far more items you cannot get elsewhere. 

Irma is Denmark's oldest grocery chain and the second oldest supermarket in Europe. The first Irma store saw the light of day in 1886 and ever since the beginning Irma has been responsible for food joy, quality, and responsibility. Today, Irma has over 80 stores on Zealand.

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