ABS Group S.r.l.

ABS Group launches the interactive dynamic lightboxes - The world preview at Euroshop 2020

What are they?
Dynamic interactive lightboxes combine dynamic backlighting and interactive animations, which change according to the way the user touches the covering fabric.

How do they work?
The backlighting is created with LED modules placed inside the structures and programmable according to the visual effects sought and according to the graphics on the fabric. One movement sensor on the structure detects hand movements, allowing users to generate different effects by touching the covering fabric. The programming of the animations can also be managed remotely.

What is their added value?
These products fit in perfectly with the "phygital" display proposals: indeed, they are the result of the fusion of aluminium and fabric structures and sensor technology, to give life to an attractive interactive gaming. Unlike digital signage, dynamic interactive lightboxes actively involve users, who can modify the animations by touching the surfaces. The display elements are designed to establish a direct relationship with customers and visitors, make the visit and buying experience memorable, and arouse amazement and engagement in shops, companies, museums, and showrooms.

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