Source: i Display

i Display announces a new series of commercial grade, Android based, Retail Tablets

Powered by the Android operating system the i Display Retail Tablets offer retailers the ability to utilize a wide variety of retail applications to promote products, run campaigns, entertain customers and communicate with them in-store. Retailers can download applications from the Android Market or develop their own applications. With access to a wide range of retail applications, customer entertaining games, product information and pricing applications, interactive feedback forms, club membership registration applications and web browser for internet surfing, the Retail Tablets give consumers a new way to engage with brands while providing them a hands free tablet experience.

“No one could have anticipated the huge impact tablets would have had on the consumer market and on consumer behavior. Various applications were and are being developed and have changed the way consumers think, behave and consume content.” Says Ariel Haroush, i Display’s CEO. “i Display projections indicate that a similar trend will take over the commercial tablet market. The use of retail designated Tablets will have a strong influence on consumer behavior within the retail area and will dramatically improve the in-store purchase experience. The openness of the Android operating system and development of numerous tablet applications open a world of new and exciting opportunities for brands and retailers to interact with their customers. No more “one way” simple advertising message; it’s all about “two way” communication. Brands and retailers want to know what consumers like or dislike, what interests them at the POS and how to get in touch with consumers after they already left the Point of sale.”
Additionally, the Retail Tablets come with a variety of fixtures, which are designed especially to answer the retail fixture challenges such as floor displays, shelf fixtures, counter display, wall mount etc.

i Display Retail Tablets’ main features include:
o Capacitive touch screen (7’’ & 10’’) High quality touch screen with tempered glass(15.6’’, 18.5’’ & 21.5’’)
o Android 2.3 Open Operating System, with access to thousands of applications
o Wi-Fi and 3G enabled
o Internal browser
o Web based, easy to use, remote content management system: SignChannel by SCALA
o Energy saving standby mode (7’’ & 10’’)
o Rotating screen providing both landscape and portrait views
o Content automatically adjusts to the viewing angel
o Auto copy of content
o Auto play functionality
o Auto detect
o Variety of fixtures including floor display, counter display, wall mount and shelf fixture

Source: i Display