JPack S.r.l. Packidee´einfach gut verpacken´

fresh fish packaging machine for small retail markets

Fresh (fish) packer * SCT 320
Technical details:
length 370 * width 380 * height 390 mm) *
height– open
Electric: (230 V–100 Watt) max. 1250 Watt – 3 Sec. sealing time
Sealing plate / weight:
330 mm x 250 mm (¼ und ⅛ sheets) – weight 15 kg.
The Freshpacker SCT is a modern system to seal different kind of food:
meat, fish and cheese…

Thanks to the use of the alimentary suitable films
and to the easiness of machine use the product can be perfectly packed and hermetically sealed, assuring a complete hygiene (HACCP)!

Safe and hygienic packaging in just 3 seconds – just pack well!

Energy Saver - max. 100W standby modus.

Acoustic device of end sealing (after 3 sec!)

Suitable for different kinds of foils & coated films.

HACCP - hermetically seals and protects all around.

It uses cold sealing bars, assuring the operator security.

Consists of aluminum and stainless steel elements for long life.

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