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e-Visio – A new multideck combining space efficiency and the product display

e-Visio - a newspace efficient multideck

Viessmann introduces a new multideck innovation for the sales of chilled food – e-Visio. Rapidly changing shopper demographics and increasing access to technology have led to changes in the current retail formats. For example, due to e-commerce, store sizes are getting smaller but at the same time the grocery offering is becoming wider. When high display volume is needed in a small floor footprint, e-Visio is the right solution.

e-Visio combines two remote multidecks into one compact cabinet. The unique two-sided structure optimises the usage of the store floor space. Compared to a traditional set up with two multidecks installed back to back, e-Visio saves 30% of the floor space needed. The optimised floor space enables wider aisles. On the other hand, e-Visio makes wider assortments and bigger volume possible in the same floor space.

e-Visio sets a new standard for a superior shopping experience with a light and translucent structure and a modern design. The 360° glass surface enables the largest possible total display area. Together with the large glass surface and the excellent LED lighting, the groceries get the attention they deserve.

Due to the unique structure, e-Visio is extremely easy to install and line up. Compared to the traditional back to back multidecks, e-Visio is up to 50% faster to install. e-Visio is in the top class when it comes to energy efficiency. The e-ncore technology, with AGD doors as a standard feature, guarantees low energy consumption. Superior temperature performance keeps the conditions optimal and minimises food waste.

“An optimised shelf space and floor space ratio is becoming a must in all of the different retail formats. e-Visio’s space efficiency is remarkable. It is a true all-rounder when it comes to finding a multideck solution for all kinds of store sizes and layouts. In addition, e-Visio’s light and two sided structure enable possibilities for totally new store layouts and orientation options,” says Mr. Matti Virtanen, Managing Director, Viessmann Refrigeration Solutions.

About Viessmann

The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating systems. Founded in 1917, the family business employs approximately 10,600 members of staff and generates €1.89 billion in annual group turnover (2012). With 27 production divisions in 11 countries, sales subsidiaries and representations in 74 countries and 120 sales offices around the world, Viessmann is international in its focus. 54 percent of the company's turnover is derived from export activities.

February 2014