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beMatrix, modular solutions

The Belgian company beMatrix produces modular solutions for stand building, events and displays. The entire range for the modular stand builder is available, not only aluminium structures but also panels, textile, velcro, furniture, flooring system, lighting, shelves, flatscreen brackets, etc... The main benefits of the aluminium profile and frame system are an extremely fast assembly and disassembly, a long life and an almost infinite reuseability.

International customer network

beMatrix® customers can rely on an extensive product range, well thought-out design, substantial technical and commercial support, innovation in manufacture, adequate stock, flexible delivery times and all advantages of a strongly connected international network. On strategic locations, there is an ample rental stock available. In addition to the establishment of beMatrix USA and of beMatrix Scandinavia in 2012, beMatrix ASIA made its official start in July 2013. The target is to serve the stand builders and their customers internationally and locally at the same time wherever possible.

Support from design to assembly

As from the request for a quotation, our expert team will consult with you in order to work out the perfect solution in accordance with your wishes. We transform your vision into a beMatrix solution. Production takes place in our own workshop in respect for quality and using the technologically most advanced production and graphic methods and equipment, skilled workers and high-quality materials. In order to assure an efficient assembly, you can always appeal to us to give you the required information and support on the spot.


beMatrix® is the inventor of the original frame system with large holes, combining the modular aspect with the made-to measure. Innovation and creativity are of crucial importance. The quality of our system is a constant value that does not admit any concession at all. Our Research & Development team are permanently in search of improving the efficiency of our building system. This translates into the launching of new or the adjustment of existing products.

Ecological, economical and ergonomic

These 3 notions are no idle terms. In addition to all technical advantages, we also search for customer-friendly solutions in the field of economics and we attempt to reduce our ecological footprint to a minimum.

The feathery system allows to achieve more with less transport, labour and material. Our non-anodized and unvarnished Eco frames are a important improvement in the recycling process. All aluminium is entirely recycled by beMatrix, without any quality loss, reducing in its turn the waste of material to a minimum and playing the game of durability. Since the panels are not fixed in between the structures but upon them, (the frames but not the panels support the structure) the panels are only 3 mm thick, resulting in a much lower spending of filling material. What’s more, the structure is not visible, so that scratches or damage do not shorten the life of the frames.

More information on: www.beMatrix.com