Bottomline Interactive (Pty) Ltd

World’s first full colour transparent Display to launch at EuroShop 2014

Full Colour Audi Hologram

At this year’s EuroShop in Düsseldorf, Bottomline Interactive will showcase the world’s first truly full colour transparent display at Hall 3 stand H67. At up to 46 inches, the Truto One is capable of producing any colour without loss to black or white tones, allows content creators precision control over every pixel’s transparency levels and can be used as either a standalone display or feature interactive content through touch or gesture based systems.

Traditional transparent and holographic displays have always sacrificed either black or white to achieve the effects of transparency, compromising advertising performance and limiting the types of information that can be displayed. Truto One is the first transparent display that retains all colours including black and white, creating photorealistic imagery on a transparent surface that allows the content to shine whilst drawing attention in-store.

Whilst these traditional displays require either a brightly lit or darkened environment in order to fool viewers into seeing black and white, the Truto One is capable of working in any lighting condition and is not restricted to dark or bright environments. By providing variable brightness and transparency, Truto One can even be used to block off ambient light and cast shadows off the holographic imagery.

By integrating touch or gesture sensors with the Truto One, consumers can manipulate real-time 3D content, access additional information through interactive menus and even interact with a brand socially or through e-commerce. Through this, product features are communicated in an eye catching and engaging medium that ensures high retention and accelerated conversion.

For a preview of the Truto One 46’’ display, check out the video link below: