Dalebrook Supplies Ltd.

Working together to create the perfect food display


Dalebrook Supplies, world leaders in the design and manufacture of food display equipment believe that the key to success within its business is to build a good relationship with its customers.

Dalebrook has over 60 years experience in the food industry, providing trays, crocks, platters and baskets which are used in the retail sector to present innovative and attractive food displays.

Products designed with end users in mind

When designing new products, the Dalebrook team work closely with their customers to understand their needs. Dalebrook understands that customers require displays that are practical and long lasting as well as attractive.

Dalebrook Global Concept Manager Martin Chudleigh has over 20 years experience within the food industry. He explains the thought that goes into Dalebrook designs:

“All of our products have been designed and considered to be used in multiple ways to ensure that the customer gets the most out of them. Our products are stackable and space saving for busy business environments. When on display, trays can be used as lids or risers, and inserts have been created for reduced quantities”.

“We understand that a supermarket retailer wants a fresh, full looking display all day to attract customers. As well as supplying deep crocks to fill with fresh deli food, we also offer inserts that can be placed in the crock later on that day when stocks are running low. This will ensure that the display is kept looking fresh and full. ”

Creating fit for purpose solutions

Dalebrook not only design their own products, but have a team of consultants that work closely with customers to develop bespoke counter layouts, to maximise the appeal of their displays.

Martin Chudleigh has spent years travelling the world to consult with his customers, offering expertise and advice:

“Customers want displays that are both stylish and functional, with products that are easy to use and look after. By working together we identify food display problems and challenges within their store and come up with a solution to overcome those challenges”

Dalebrook design and trial full counter layouts before presenting the solution to its customers. This is often done using customer ingredients to ensure its products are fit for purpose. By presenting a real life solution of how the food display is going to look, customers can be confident that Dalebrook products will make their display stand out, whilst minimising wastage.

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