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With LED equipment Ansorg illuminates the Fisser & Scheers car showrooms

Ansorg Beleuchtung Autohaus Fisser & Scheers © Ansorg GmbH

More light – more presence. With LED equipment Ansorg illuminates the Fisser & Scheers car showrooms and the Volkswagen trademark

Inviting, open, bright – with the extension of the Volkswagen showrooms of the Fisser & Scheers car dealership in Emmerich, Ansorg has for the first time implemented the Volkswagen interior design concept 100% with LED technology. In this way it was possible to meet the requirement for a high ambient brightness in the room not only functionally, but also in a particularly economical way.

Corporate architecture according to Volkswagen’s brand rules and the latest LED lighting solutions from Ansorg complement each other in an optimum manner. That is something you can see for yourself in Emmerich now that the Fisser & Scheers showrooms shine out, even visible at a distance. Above all, also because the newly developed square connects up to a road and hence ensures that it is clearly better noticed by traffic participants.

Also particularly attractive from the advertising point of view, the open glass façade facing onto the road permits an interesting view of the interior all day long: that is why inside the building a high-performance lighting solution with large lumen packages (4,000 and 3,000 lm) is relied upon. On the one hand, in order to prevail against the daylight, but on the other hand in order to achieve a good Volkswagen brand scene setting as an eye catcher in the twilight and the evening light. In this case, LED technology covers all of the requirements in an optimum way.

In this context, the overall concept adapts to the situation, particularly to the ceiling structures. The grid ceiling present in the existing rooms were upgraded with Cardo luminaires – a tried and proven Ansorg LED solution. The new building, however, has a modern, corrugated metal roof which can be flexibly equipped with surface-mounted spotlights. Here the Take product family was made use of.

Dramatic light on the vehicle is provided by two different reflectors which were used alternately: homogeneous room light in the sales room is provided by wide-beam reflectors while, with narrow-beam reflectors, the scene is additionally set for the vehicles. Both reflectors are used alternately, so that a particularly clear and valuable impression is created which well supports the clear message of the Volkswagen trademark.

Moreover, strictly in accordance with the Volkswagen guidelines a special solution was developed for the reception desk with a lighting profile that enables the visitors to find their way in the building easily and quickly.

With Volkswagen a further renowned car trademark has discovered the advantages and possibilities of Ansorg LED solutions for itself. Exciting light with contrasts with a marked delimiting of the light cone ensure brilliance on the car paintwork.

Again the LED concept with the economic efficiency calculation outdid all of the alternatives. In comparison with an HIT concept, the higher cost of acquisition is amortised after two years. Long service life and low maintenance expense of the products used also additionally reinforce this effect.