Smartdesign s.c.

When good ideas came into real life, then something beautiful is born.

Smart, when it is at the same time functional, safe and it's meeting our clients' needs, higlighting their company's character and features. Moscow stand is one of the best example of real smart stand. No doubt that The City of Moscow was special client: belonging to government sector and having not so much experience in fairs at the same time. It makes us a guide in fairs world and we met this role again with pleasure. The idea was to show that Moscow area is a great place to invest in real estates, to emphasize that Moscow has a lot of big opportunities to invest, to make a cosy and functional place for sub-exhibitors, such us hotels, museums – there were nearly 10 of them! The real beauty was not only in the measure of the stand (700 m2) but also in details: the elements of the stand was as big or even bigger as human!