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Welcome to Food Rooms!

Wendelstein, February 2014 - Nowhere else in food retailing can the customer see so effectively the freshness of the produce as at a well stocked, well arranged service counter – and the impact is immediate. Leading retailers picked up on this trend long ago, supplementing it with knowledgeable staff and first-class service. The counter is the opportunity for direct contact with the customer. The product quality, hygiene and staff must all fulfil the highest expectations. The overall appearance of the counter needs to demonstrate the use of the latest technology to keep fresh food in perfect condition.

The golden rule: Presentation of the food must entice customers to buy it. Aichinger is, therefore, pleased to present at EuroShop 2014 a contemporary and functional equipment concept for fresh food, takeaway and bakery counters. Trade show visitors will discover attractive designs, appealing displays and seamless processes. Energy efficiency, hygiene and ergonomics are key, as is an unforgettable shopping experience.

Food Rooms

Aichinger's counter designs allow customers to immerse themselves in the wonderful world of food and ensure shopping becomes an experience to savour.

"Food Rooms" is Aichinger's theme for EuroShop 2014. The concept reflects the sensual pleasure and appreciation of good food in today's globalised world. The Food Rooms use real-life authenticity, attention to detail and freshness to create a exceptional feel-good atmosphere and welcoming environment – thus embodying Aichinger's FreshFoodEmotions philosophy.

Equally, in practice, Food Rooms are the supermarket's high-impact display feature.

The bakery and takeaway counter in the imaginary front-of-shop zone encourages visitors into the Food Rooms. The bakery conveys a feeling of craftsmanship, tradition and authenticity and whets the visitors' appetite for more. This is where the final touches are added to the products before being baked in the oven. Things really heat up at the front-of-shop cooking station in the adjacent takeaway section. This is where the customer gets a real feeling for the freshness of the food. Optimum product preparation is also important – the functional concept incorporates the required food preparation areas.

Consumers' heightened awareness of healthy eating is reflected in the self-service salad station "FreshMaxx".

The fresh food island is a gourmet's delight. Meat, cold meat, cheese, deli and convenience products are attractively presented in the new SIRIUS® 3 refrigerated counter and in the round, rotatable AirMaxx with forced-air cooling. A range of glass elements and modules make SIRIUS® 3 fully adaptable, setting new standards in the perfect, appetising presentation of fresh produce. Ensuring maximum product freshness and appearance is the number one priority in the development of all Aichinger products.

Numerous additional presentation features are designed to increase sales potential.

The displays on the shelves at the rear of the fresh food island create a spectacular backdrop.

The final section in the Food Rooms is a self-service area for dairy products.


In order to deliver added value for Aichinger customers, it is important to look beyond the company's own range of products and services. The stand also features interesting partnerships in the fields of digital signage (Online Software AG, appcom Marketing), cross selling, equipment (CSM, Bedford, Friesenkrone, Dallmayr, Franke), etc.. The decisive factor in all cases: everything on display must be functional in practice.

Energy efficiency

Energy efficiency has become an increasingly important issue as electricity prices continue to rise. In order to demonstrate the step change in energy efficiency, Aichinger has taken the unprecedented step of displaying the SIRIUS®3 temperature and energy consumption