DT Research, Inc.

WebDT Digital Signage Shines at InfoComm China 2011

Award-winning, web-based digital signage system delivers timely visual communications to targeted audiences

DT Research™, Inc., an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, today announced a successful exhibition at InfoComm China 2011 in Beijing.

During the 3-day tradeshow, visitors experienced WebDT’s multi-screen digital signage solution, showing applications for digital menu boards, conference scheduling, and transportation information. The WebDT multi-screen (MS) signage appliances deliver high-quality (Full HD) video and optimal display experience across up to 16 screens, in dynamic layout designs with multiple zones of content for a wide variety of applications. The WebDT MS series is complemented by the WebDT Content Manager (WCM) software which provides the remote management of the signage appliance players, content scheduling and layout, and power timing.

With the WCM software, media content can be scheduled or updated in real-time, captured from a database system, txt files, or XML. There is also support for live video-in from a TV, camcorder, DVD player, and web cam. For messages that are time-sensitive, the originally scheduled content can be interrupted with a quickly inserted Urgent Cast announcement, or a Spot List tool can insert a new playlist for a special event or promotional activity.

Following the successful deployment at the Beijing International Airport, the WebDT signage solutions have been adapted in over 30 city airports and more than 20 train stations in China. Shanghai’s famous Nanjing Road sidewalk, People’s Square subway station, and the 2010 World Expo – are just a handful of projects benefiting from WebDT’s powerful signage system, delivering real-time information updates, dynamic advertising and high quality entertainment. In February 2011, the WebDT signage solution was awarded the Digital Signage Expo (DSE US) APEX award for its outstanding installation in the Amway Brand Center in Malaysia that delivers interactive digital signage for an engaging retail experience.